Monday, April 18, 2011

Art Crushes

It is getting to be springtime in NYC, and with it comes a lightness and a breeze of renewal. There has been too much rain, too few 60-70 degree days but we’ll take what we can get. It feels just wonderful. Everyone, in NYC becomes nicer as the degrees tic up and what’s more, they become sexier. This city is filled with lovelies and it is the best place to be when you can see the stylish clothes and eccentric gaits, not hidden under a mass of black wool and scarves.

This spring bug has bitten me; planting seeds, cleaning rooms, looking online for sandals and sunglasses and also getting the flutters for romance and mischief. I have embraced the goo-goo-ga-ga primordial reflex when it comes to the boys and men on the streets, in the movies, in the subways, wherever else they can be seen and I am thoroughly enjoying it. This made me think about all the men in the art world that I have seeded crushes on. This list has existed for a while in my head; usually visualized in cursive lettering like Catholic schoolgirls used to have, and I would like to share this with you.

None of this is of course serious. It’s more about the certain je ne sais quoi these men posses. There is nothing to be taken literal or personal folks…this is just a doodle in my spiral notebook. And yes, of course I have crushes on many (probably more) female artists and insiders but this one is just for the boys. This is in alphabetical order:

Bas Jan Ader --------------(the most tenderest of lovers I imagine)

Aids 3-D -------------------(both hot, both have the best looking GFs)

Ivin Ballen ---------------- (looks like a hockey player, sweetest to his GF)

Matthew Barney ----------(duhhhhhhhhh)

Colby Bird -----------------(doing such interesting work)

Slater Bradley -------------(not too into his work but with a name like that…)

Olaf Breuning -------------(can we party?)

Marcel Broodthaers ------(can we hold hands?)

Caravaggio ----------------(yums)

Coley Brown --------------(work is so-so but so friggin cute)

Chris Burden --------------(everyone loves a badass)

Holland Cotter ------------(I would love to get a bagel and coffee with you)

Simon Critchley ----------(I am an anglophile)

Anne de Vries -------------(fashionable and sweet)

Carroll Dunham ----------(penises, the man is fixated on penises)

Roe Ethridge --------------(I like New England types, and his name is Roe...duh)

Sam Falls ------------------(best mix tapes)

Alex Gartenfeld ----------(I know we would never work out but can I still be your plus one?)

Giotto ----------------------(pillow fight!)

Tomoo Gokita ------------(coolest date ever)

Hans Haacke -------------(can we ride bikes together?)

David Hammons ---------(walk at sunset)

David Hickey -------------(only if we can get drunk together)

Jonathan Horowitz -------(I would make protest signs with you)

Peter Hujar ----------------(sensitive)

Williams E Jones ---------(can we get tacos?)

Andrew Kuo --------------(seems “hip” maybe just besties)

Oliver Laric ---------------(so good…but sort of distant, we gals love that)

Leigh Ledare --------------(like total dirty hot sex)

Rene Magritte -------------(I would walk around with a sheet on my head all day for you)

Christian Marclay --------(you melt me)

Gordon Matta Clark -----(sigh)

Michelangelo -------------(magic hands)

Henrik Olsen --------------(I would wear leather pants for you)

Blinky Palermo -----------(hawtness)

Javier Peres ----------------(never saw irl but seems like he would be intense)

William Pope. L -----------(would show a gal cool places)

Adam Putnam -------------(so tall, so smart)

Walid Raad ----------------(raaaaad)

Christian Rattemeyer ----(not sure why…)

Andrew Russeth ----------(if anything is right in this world he will be a big time critic)

Ben Schumacher ---------(the best of whatever it is that is currently happening)

Peter Schjeldahl ----------(Now THIS is a man I would want to go to baseball games with!)

Egon Schiele --------------(meh, why not)

Robert Smithson ----------(it’s chill, we can collect rocks)

Paul Thek ------------------(sensitive, sad eyes)

Wolfgang Tillmans -------(strong and flannelled)

Jeffrey Tranchell ----------(catalog good looks, hangs out with cool kids)

Diego Velasquez ----------(aiyiyi)

David Wojnarowicz ------(sexiest voice ever)

This is really just a quick list. I’m sure I left some gems out but eh, anything that takes more then an hour is not a good idea especially when it comes to this post.

So there that is. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine, making out, holdings hands and telling your significant other(s) how cute they are. Let’s embrace this spring, even if soppy at times, and be excited by all the lovely faces and art to be seen.