Monday, May 23, 2011

What artist would you want to eat with? What would you want to eat?

Apparently Socrates said, “Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.” (469 BC-399 BC). Although with much due respect to him, I have to confess that I am one that lives to eat. I love eating. It the best thing ever not just for the smells, tastes and all the other fantastic things involved in preparing a meal but also what can happen when you share a meal. To share a meal is to be the most human we can be to another. When sharing a meal is a bore or unpleasant, enduring it can feel excruciating. But when it goes well, when it is smooth, delightful and fun, then a meal can be a memory maker and also alleviates the pressing sense of the ‘what does it all matter for, why do we exist’ conundrum, at least for a little bit.

There are many artists that use food in their work either representing itself, something else or as metaphor. Then there are others that use it conceptually. Relational Aesthetics and I are not pals but whatever; those guys are doing their thing. I do have to say that Mr. Gordon Matta Clark’s Food sounds like it was swell, maybe I’m just nostalgic, but I do find him more convincing then others. Anyways, I digress…Artists are people, people eat food, certain types of people really love food, certain people like art, and they too like food and if had a chance they would want to experience a meal with a certain someone. I wanted to know what people’s wish list in this department would be. Imagining the sharing of a certain meal, drink, morsel for a duration of time with a certain someone- who carries the weight of themselves- is a most vivid vignette. I emailed a group of peers, friends, and professional acquaintances the below to solicit these scenes. I must note that I am a bit perplexed at the ratio of men to women responses, the men being much more responsive. Funny, I don’t know what to make of that but I had to mention it, for the sake of social science and all. The way that the response was written remains intact, spacing and fonts altered a bit for html limitations. The only bits removed where the personal additions.

Oh yes, for me: I would like to eat with Michelangelo. Arugula, tomato, red onion and basil salad with balsamic vinaigrette and extra virgin olive oil, s&p with fresh hot bread with butter and really good olive oil that has rosemary and salt for dipping. Red wine.

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A casual Q & A. Reply if you want to by this Saturday night



(dead or alive/real or imagined)

What artist would you want to eat with?

What would you want to eat?

Karen Archey

Marcel Broodthaers. Eggs and bivalves

Al Baio

The dream is to share an orange creamsicle ice cream sundae at Lula's Sweet Apothecary with

Magic Johnson, but I'll settle for banana pudding with Balthus.

Taylor Baldwin

Wellfleet Oysters with Robert Smithson on the breakwater they were caught from.

Justin Berry

Not to be flippant... but I bet Wayne Thiebaud would know where to find the best damn slice of cake this side of Paradise.

Leigh Conner

Diane Arbus. Sandwiches

Amir. H Fallah

Duchamp. readymade hungry man frozen dinner

Zachary German

i'm not someone who really wants to meet people that much..

i guess someone like Frederick Barthelme who through his work gives the impression of being fairly easy going / having similiar values as mine

i guess i would like to eat chinese food

Andrew Gori

Peanut butter and crackers and apple juice with Richard Tuttle.

Ron Hanson

Colin McCahon. Spanakopita

Scott Hug

David Wojnarowicz . apple pie ala mode, coffee, cigarettes

Adam Humphreys

1. laurel nakadate 2. diner food (burger)

Scott Indrisek

At the moment...Moules frites with Koen van den Broek! And a river of Belgian ale.

Lucy Ives

Courbet; beer and sandwiches

Joe Jagos

Eat with: Yayoi Kusama Eat: twinkies or anything in large numbers, solid in one color, and equally divided

Ambre Kelly

Aubrey Beardsley. Love to drink Pimm's Cup and eat bread pudding.

Ashiq Khondker

lawrence weiner..the menu

Abby Lloyd

My boyfriend (Chris Retsina) is a painter. I often think about cutting off his ass and eating it.

Vanessa Lopez

Tapas and wine w/ Picasso

J. Morrison

Felix Gonzalez-Torres. PIZZA

Kristie Muller

Joseph Beuys. I would have what he's having, with a Tom Collins

Adam Putnam

dim sum with martin wong AND grey's papaya with peter hujar

Jeff Quinn

Designer extraordinaire Tibor Kalman; spicy as hell Indian food

Hunter Reynolds

William Blake

Andrew Russeth

I would like to eat with Francis Picabia. The food comes straight out of George Baker's "The Artwork Caught by the Tail": With Mr. Picabia, I dream of " pleasures somehow outside of time, with forest walks and excessive feasting on delicacies such as wild morels, fresh cream, the first autumn game, and earthy local wines."
Also, I would like to eat sandwiches and pastries and drink champagne with Florine Stettheimer.

Thomas Shelley

Claes oldenberg. Roasted Root vegetable lasagna with sprouts as a garnish. Then we'd sketch it before we ate.

Ben Shumacher

wild boar with Paul Gauguin

Jen Sullivan

Kate Bush. Delicious salads like she talks about in this video:

Sur Rodney Sur

Bjarne Melgaard. CAKE with fruit compot and heavy cream

Brad Troemel

Ribs with Vito Acconci

Tommy Turner

I would want to eat with Francois Rabelais.

I would like to eat eleven wild boars, thirteen partridges, forty pink flamingoes, and a cask of red wine.

Scott Valentine

Cai Guo-Qiang eating Jianbing while meandering around Tiannimen Square and contemplating getting a McFlurry from McDonald's and the concept of borders and barriers.

Voin de Voin

id like to dine with leonardo da vinci!:)

Ed Winkleman

t-bone steak with Picasso

Lyndsy Welgos

Roe Ethridge (BBQ)

Timothy Wehrle

Phillip Guston. Since it is now May and the weather is very pleasant for eating outside. I would grill us up some LAMB burgers and marinated asparagus. He will yell at me telling me I'm doing it all wrong. Then he would laugh and puff on his chesterfield.

Joseph Whitt

Jean Cocteau. Raw Oysters. ;)

Bryan Zanisnik

Werner Herzog, eating something incredibly messy and proletariat, like BBQ chicken wings.

Aaron Zimmerman

King Diamond. Burgers and Fries.

Big THANKS to all that responded.