Monday, August 22, 2011

Fall Predictions

September is upon us and that means the art world is going to be at full throttle in a matter of weeks. It’s exhausting to think about. Maybe that means I’m over all of it. Possibly. But nevertheless it is extraordinary to see. Each gallery functions as it’s own microcosm with the gravitational force made by its dealers, artists or all around brand. What will this fall bring? What will this crazy market place pendulum of fates decide for all of us involved…?

Below are a few predictions for the art world and on this and that. Will they bare fruit in their premonitions? Probably not, but if they do, lets have a celebratory shochu when we see each other next.

Performance art is just so over. It has become so “in” that it is “out.” Things will have to cool off until at least the spring (probably longer) in this genre for it to really matter beyond its market machinery.

Internet art is shifting from its acknowledged but incohesive form to one that will have more force and dialogue. There will be a group of strong representatives in this area that have now reached an age and also a practice that makes them not only relevant but the most interesting thing in town.

These people’s faces will be all over the place and each time you see them you will think “jesus fucking christ”: James Franco, Klaus Bisenbach, Kanye West, Miranda July, Kalup Linzy, Larry Gagosian, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander Wang, Lady Gaga, Terence Koh, Michelle Bachman, Obama, Chole Sevigny

These words are so ugggg: contemporary, facebook, app, fantastic, irl, fabulous, coterie, dichotomy, juxtaposition, relevance, signifier, application, intensive, converting, ubiquitous, representing, expanding, displacement, censorship, activate, hyper-, twitter, LES, Pace, delineate, reconfigure, impulse, graphic design, platform, collaborate, nytimes, after party, diy, highline

MoMA will expand into 1-2 more buildings, trying to feature more “not white guy” art. MoMA’s PS1 is also going to expand and also do increased product marketing. A new top curator will also be added, hopefully a women but probably not. Most likely it will be some curator with the name Jans or Hans or Frans somewhere.

The upper east side will somehow have hip art relevance cache.

There will be a new young hot art star that will emerge late in winter. It may be a duo. They may not last long but they will be fun as hell to observe.

Dealers will be more forthright about “being in it for the money.” This will not cause any commotion though as even artists will be like “damn straight.”

The leading alternative non-profits in NYC will still be a bit stale. It will take the formation and success of new and smaller non-profits to start to push the larger ones to take more risks. A few people may get replaced to jump start this.

2 major galleries will expand and 4 minor galleries will close by spring 2012.

Backpacks are “in” in full swing.

Whole wheat is passé.

Bacon and cupcakes are replaced by cured meats and donuts. Corn dogs will be popular somehow.

The art world will have an amorous interest in sports. Its athletes and otherwise.

Sigmund Fraud is coming back in a big way

Well there’s a little ramble sampler, maybe these things will happen, maybe not. None particular really matter, so there are no stakes to be gained or lost. Things change; the sun stays out shorter, the air will get crisper and things will just chug-chug along because if it didn’t, who knows what we would do with ourselves.