Monday, September 5, 2011

Really Into…

The US Open

Tennis is fun to watch. It moves slowly like baseball but is also fast like basketball. Being only two people, unless doubles, playing in a smaller area makes it easier for the eye to focus since it does not have to move laterally as much. Also, there is are no time constraints in tennis, like baseball. Time constraints in sports have always bothered me, even though I know it is necessary. Tennis players look much older somehow. The top mens and womens players are in their early to mid twenties. They look much older though, like really fit forty year olds. The design and cut of the outfits the women players wear needs much improvement. It is interesting to watch the ticks of some players. How they bounce the ball a lot before serving or how they fix their hair. My pet peeve is a certain top player’s tick of picking his butt. Tennis seems like it is for rich people and I think that what makes is appealing to people in someway.

Being Over the Arts

Why do we have a fascination with art? Is it something that is “in” someone’s blood, brain etc? At times it is just the most amazing thing. It helps you cope with and to understand this crazy zany meaning and scope of life. It also lets you be a part of something that is bigger and more fascinating then yourself. It grants you entry into places high and low and introduces you to friends and lovers and mentors. It is its own bubble that like all other bubbles, everyone needs to be in one to rise above the oppression of the self and society. In turn, because it is something that may be “a part” of you, it can also be a burden. The art world is a sham. Anyone who is a part of it knows this. It subsists itself on the most inane self-aggrandizements and is built on a hierarchy that is repulsive in its elitism. Most sadly, the art world thrives on leeching. Every single person in the arts leeches off a person, trend, institution, etcetera, to sustain, promote and to infame themselves. The bigger the leech you are the more you are able to gobble smaller leaches and even still, those big leeches have smaller leeches on them, like those fish on sharks, and in the end the whole thing just wreaks. But why bother in caring about all that? It is the way it is, it is the way it has to be in the culture and society we exist in. To think that this can be otherwise and to think that this is even a negative is irrelevant. To make it in this wonderful yet horrid thing called the art world you have to convince yourself that this art thing really truly matters.

The Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin

This book series is really the worst but also like a spicy food you just can’t stop eating. The writing is really remedial but the way the stories are built and overlap make it both easy and addictive to read. I am currently almost finished with the third book in the series and I can’t wait to be rid of these books. They are both a burden and sheer entertainment. I have to read a “real” book in between each in the series I finish so my eyes don’t melt back into the seventh grade but truly, Martin made a new form of crack for the eyes. Damn him and thank the gods, the old and the new.

Wanting To Move To Berlin.

I went there once a year ago and it was a lot of fun and very cheap and it seems more cosmopolitan then NYC. All the people are young and from crazy places of the world and they mostly speak English very well. It seems no one really does or needs to work as it is so cheap to live there. Awesomely cheap. Everyone seems like they are friends in the art world in Berlin, in the most open of ways, versus, “I’m doing a thing, lets do this thing…” Also they dress crazy, but in a good way, like the 90s that we have all forgotten about. It seems like it’s a place that you can re-invent yourself without having to work all the gawd damn time to just get by. It also seems like a place that you can just sit alone in a room and feel comfortable. I read Christopher Isherwood’s The Berlin Stories and although a nice read this is not what I am seeking, not some sort of fetish of Berlin but merely a place that seems cool, open, arty, young and most importantly cheap as hell. This status quo probably won’t last much longer and I’m sure the young hip things that have been in Berlin for a year or more already rue any sight of a newcomer but hey, that’s life and might as well jump on it before it becomes like Brooklyn.