Monday, December 26, 2011

Art Crushes, Hey Ladies…

Back in April of 2011 I made a quick list of guys in the art world that I had “art crushes” on. It was an homage to the coming spring in New York with its buzz of love and fun as the weather warmed up. Just a bit ago someone asked when I would be doing my female art crush list, as I said I would eventually, and although I’m not the type of gal to take requests it is something that has already been on my mind.

I was originally going to wait until this coming April but since the seed has been planted, why not bite the apple now especially at the advent of 2012. I predict that 2012 will have events, charismatic figures and a new momentum that will change this whole art game in new and unapologetic ways. This lack of apology and a need to seek consent from males or of previous generations will be the key. Also, this new prerogative is what will flip things back, over and sideways in the “women-art dialogue” and in addition, deeds, actions and proof of those actions will evidence these shifts. I too, am going to make it a point to put my money (when I have it), time and energy to making the shifts I want to see versus just rants and raves, which are necessary but not enough. More on these upcoming endeavors and hijinx to come.

So ladies and gents, here’s to a new year and below are the lovely ladies that are on my mind.

Kari Altman --------------- (Annie Oakley of the Internet since 2.0 ((prompted post))

Diane Arbus --------------- (duh)

Karen Archey -------------- (gotta give props for her net art lockdown, also nice capes)

Julie Ault ------------------- (rad, rad, super rad)

Linda Benglis ------------- (rock-a-da-cock)

Melanie Bonajo------------- (take me to your planet)

Louise Bourgeois ---------- (she will lay eggs in your brains and it will make you smarter)

Connie Butler --------------- (just feel like I have too…)

Elaine Cameron-Weir ------ (intrigued by her work)

Amy Cappellezzo ---------- (integrity even in integrity-free art auction profession)

Talia Chetrit ----------------- (zang)

Milano Chow --------------- (one day I WILL buy a piece!)

Cleopatra’s ------------------ (I know...its not just one gal but kudos kudos)

Jennifer Cohen ------------- (jazzy)

Lisa Cooley ----------------- (Too Cooley for Schooley)

Paula Cooper --------------- (I mean come on, PAULA COOPER!)

Clarissa Dalrymple -------- (her life etched on her face. Damn I wanna look that lived)

Elizabeth Dee --------------- (makes things happen)

Aleksandra Domanovic --- (smarty pants)

Dora and Maja ------------- (loveliest Croats)

Tracey Emin ----------------(slap that smirk off her face BUT first get drunk, dance, make out)

Lia Gangitano --------------- (no fluff or kissy-poo-poo-face here)

Barbara Gladstone ---------- (doesn’t need to join the boys club, she IS the club)

Thelma Golden -------------- (Harlem a la Jim Jones)

Nan Goldin ------------------ (I want to fluff up your hair)

Sara Greenberger Rafferty - (her work is like good bad comedy)

Guerilla Girls ---------------- (still relevant ya’ll)

K8 Hardy --------------------- (crazy, hawt, weird, brutal brains)

Mary Heilmann -------------- (ya ya)

Eva Hesse -------------------- (ropes in the shape of nipples done right)

Laura Hoptman -------------- (does anyone else think she looks like Roberta Smith's twinsies?)

Joan Jonas -------------------- (just found out her and Richard Serra used to be together. Gah!)

Rosalind Krauss ------------- (actually have not read much by her BUT I know that I need too)

Yayoi Kusama --------------- (you so cray cray)

Lucy R. Lippard ------------- (there's a sculpture made of bread of you under my pillow)

Sarah Lucas ------------------ (set off firecrackers with you)

Joanna Malinowska --------- (always knew this girl was in-ter-es-thing as heck)

Ana Mendieta ---------------- (fire, walk with me)

Piper Marshall --------------- (hip-ity-hip-hip)

Agnes Martin ----------------- (slow and steady wins the race)

Katja Mater ------------------- (on my mind for over 3 months)

Jenny Moore ------------------ (made Dee’s program tight, now independent curator)

Sophie Morner --------------- (a horse in a field at dusk)

Ree Morton ------------------- (Cappuccinos in the park)

Kristie Mueller --------------- (go Can-a-da)

Marlie Mul -------------------- (nice and smart)

Elizabeth Murray ------------ (dance on the floor that lights up in different colors with you)

Narcissister ------------------- (you put a what-what up your who-who?!)

Linda Nochlin ---------------- (keeps it rockin’)

Yoko Ono --------------------- (short, fierce, Asian)

Mai-Thu Perret --------------- (I want to smoke cigarettes and throw rocks in a lake with you)

Virginia Poundstone --------- (smoke a joint and melt crayons together)

Yvonne Rainer ---------------- (smartest person in the room)

Martha Rosler ----------------- (as real as it gets)

Emily Roysdon ---------------- (G-G-Girl)

Carolee Schneemann --------- (living legend ya’ll)

Cindy Sherman ---------------- (haters keep hating, there is a reason why she is the tops)

Allison Schulnik -------------- (let’s do mushrooms in the dessert)

Amy Sillman ------------------ (whoop whoop)

Kiki Smith --------------------- (witchy, but in a good witch way)

Roberta Smith ----------------- (Girl can WRITE! Unlike uh-hum and hum-huh…)

Nancy Spero ------------------- (snakes and scrolls, get into it)

Kate Steciw -------------------- (you had me at Steciw)

Gertrude Stein ----------------- (showing how tough, smart and ugly can equal charm)

Dorothea Tanning ------------- (her fabric sculptures rule me)

Carrie Mae-Weems ------------ (early work)

Martha Wilson ----------------- (Cindy Sherman, eat your heart out)

Well I hope that does some justice to all the fab females that have been with me for a while or only for a few days. No offense to anyone left out, my brain is filled with x-mas goop still.

Have a fantastic-amazing-super-fab-tastic-yummy New Years! Till then be nice to animals.