Monday, February 27, 2012

Over One Year of YaYaYa and Things To Come: Cindy Sherman, The Whitney Biennale, Art Fairs

Ahhhhhhhhhh, it’s been over a year since I began YaYaYa, this will be post 56! AHHHHHHHHHH, so nuts! Thank you to those who have read some of my dawdlings on art, life, culture and other nonsense. It has been interesting to say the least. Every week, usually on Mondays, but sometimes Sundays, I sit at my black kitchen table and breast pump my brain on one thing or another. Usually I haven’t a clue till I sit and thump at the keys, like this one. While transferring from one mode of transport to another on the ever annoying non-functioning L subway line, it hit me that it’s been over a year of this thing and it made me think “oh my, I must be nutters” but it also gave me a pinch of pride, to stick to something, anything, always has reward. The past year in the arts has been incredible and there is so much more awesomeness to come. So in anticipation of this, and what is in the horizon and beyond I have written about a few things that I am looking forward to. March is when the art world really wakes up in New York. Miami you can have December, with all those vodka sponsors and bouncers. New York in the spring is what it is all about.

Cindy Sherman at MoMA – FUCK YEAH CINDY SHERMAN AT MOMA. Now, relax, this is possibly the most “about time” show at MoMA and it will probably be exactly what you think it is going to be, but regardless, it’s all very fantastic. Roberta Smith wrote a very concise and articulate (as always) about the show and some of the installation and curatorial shortcomings recently in The New York Times. The review has me even more super amped to see it. Cindy Sherman, she’s like an adjective to me. Anyways, more on her/women/photography/mimicry etcetera to come but until then I will whittle away the days until I see this show.

The Whitney Biennale – This is still a Biennale that has meaning, well sort of. It is the Oscars of American Art, well maybe more like the Golden Globes, regardless; it is like an award show. It makes you say “ohh” “ahh” and “huh” all at once. It is the barometer of relevance ordained. It is risky, it is young, it is the who’s in and who’s out of the art world. We all love these sorts of things, if we don’t have people telling us this type of thing every two years how in the hell else are we supposed to know what is significant for goodness sakes? We obviously can’t be trusted with our own two eyes and brain. The curators for the Whitney Biennale are as much stars as the artists they select. This year it is Eve Sussman, Sondra Gilman and Jay Sanders. Very safe bets here, no wild cards or under 30s (good). Whenever I go to the Whitney Biennale it makes me feel as if I am at a mall, or an airport. All that buzzing, all this art packed in, all the deference, reference and indignation. It’s a bizarre, possibly dated act but it creates this necessary stir in the art world. We all need oracles, some way of knowing that things are proceeding along nicely in this art continuum. Also, word of advice, wear comfy shoes.

Art Fairs – I have been thinking and saying for years that art fairs in New York are a waste. Well, I still do, but at least there will be some drama to it this year around. Armory Week, as it is corporately branded, will be as usual in March from the 8th to the 11th. This includes The Armory Show, the ADAA’s The Art Show, Independent, and a few other satellites this way and that. The Armory is rumored to be collapsing on itself, the organization not the building. There is also buzz of demise of a certain someone’s gallery that is a part of Independent, meh-hem and the ADAA is and always has been for upper-east-siders, so that will do just fine but meh. In addition to the internal dramas of these fairs in March there is the mega black cloud that is the Frieze Art Fair. This will be in May from the 4th to the 7th on Randell's Island. Frieze has the whole, “We are English, our accents make us sound smarter, and we are smarter and we are refined and cool and if you stop being a vulgar American then you can possibly sit at table near me at a benefit event,” down pat. Oh those Brits, they may have lost the war but they still have us Americans in a tizzy when it comes to being intellectually elite and emotionally deplete. I can’t wait to see it! Really, most excited I’ve been for an art fair. I hope it’s not too heady or too corporate, either way, count me in. And of course when there’s blood aka money in the water the other fairs come to feast, and that will include NADA and Pulse. NADA is still the slacker boyfriend you still pine over and Pulse is the guy who invites himself over but nobody wants around, regardless they will be there and it will be interesting to see if there will be pudding from the big crumpet. This new structuring and timeline for the New York fairs will shift this whole thing and anything will be better then how has been.