Monday, July 30, 2012

Capitalism Has Taken Over My Summer So Now I Can Only Give You This:

When is it going to feel like summer?! Not in the heat wave way but as in when does this art sailboat dock in for a moment so we can shake our sea legs?  Capitalism is kicking my butt.  Another week has passed in a delirious way and I’m sorry to be so dull but I’ve got nothing in me to give that is of any use.  It’s 5:13pm, I want to watch Olympics, catch up on New Yorkers and drink a glass of wine, so to hasten all these things I offer the below, a quick-list of gossip, art world one-liners, thoughts, and a whole lot of blah-de-blahness to make this at least look long, like vertical stripes to make one appear taller. 

OLYMPICS - Sexxxxxy time for the eyes and nationalism!  A whole lotta amazingness that is human bodies, form, and the desire to achieve.  People who don’t get the awesomeness of sports need to just get a grip, take a hike and chill the heck out.  Go USA! Go South Korea! Go any country where this sort of glory has more meaning then sponsorship deals!

Older Artists Being Creepy – Being an artist does not make it okay, make you ‘outside the constructions of normalcy’ to be creepy in any way.  Also using positions of power to coerce and dominate someone is just possibly the grossest thing ever.  It’s not about a muse, it’s about creepy-creepsters-creeping.

Smiley Face on the Outside, Agg Face in the Inside – The art world is full of phony-balonies who say things like “Oh My gawd dharling, it is so fantastic to see you!!” I should know, I do it all the time.  It’s terribly gross but I try to make a sport of it, to do it at such a hysterical degree that any sane person can see that there’s something very off about it.  For most people that I actually like I will usually just raise my eyebrows or smile or make little kissy face from across the room.  This faux enthusiasm is depressing in every way really.  I am nearly at the point where I can barely muster up the voluble role I have nearly mastered and I am beyond the point of wanting to be at the receiving end of it. But what’s the other option?  To be like those academic types that laugh like this, “ah-huh, that was funny…” Never ever, but really, can we all just crank it down a notch, it’s all just getting so dull.

Lower East Side – There Are Just Too Many Galleries And Too Many Oyster Bars.

Sexist Guys – Most young males in the arts are advanced in the politics, upbringing, and unspoken rules of how to behave towards women, some may even declare themselves as feminists.  Most are super nice fellows, really, just wonderful gents, but still there are is a persistence of sexist males that still stanks up the art field.  These sort of men can be found in every subgroup in the arts; artists, writers, gallerists, staffers, curators, teachers etc.  Sure there is more then the healthy dose of “bitch” overload in the arts but men are still the masters of this universe so things are different in that regard.  It doesn’t matter if they are gay, straight, bi, trans, married, single, old, young, powerful, or upstart, they come in any form and most times the brashness of their sexism is subtle or only revealed in un-audienced flashes.  Ladies, you know what I mean, I’m sure every one of you has felt the stare, the pressing thumb, the dismissal, the proposition, or the blatant reminder by a male that is your peer, boss or mentor that if they can’t attack you or win you over in one way or another, you will distinctly be reminded that you don’t have swinging parts between your legs.   Guys, I know most of you are totally great and it is terrible that you have to deal with the bullshit behavior of your fellow males, but sorry, it’s the truth of it.

Mo Money, Mo Problems – Art and Money Make Things Funny.

Music and Art – Yes, it’s been linked and super hard trending for a while now but I’m so super over it.  Not art that uses music/sonic elements but all the shows, all the concerts, all the benefits of attachment and blending and sharing a cultural source to re-affirm the sway in certain audiences.  I know it’s obviously the best thing ever to do and is beneficial to all but I just can’t stand it!!!!!!!!!!! Well at least 90% of the way it is presented.  I’m old.

SoHo – The new Lower East Side part 2/ part infinity.  Celebrities! Uniqlo! Olives! Cobble Streets! Europeans! Puma! Mont Blanc! Super mega everything is everything again until it is nothing again is the new now.