Monday, August 20, 2012

Things to Remember to Write About Once I Get Over Jet Lag

I’m still in Germany as I write this (Friday).  I am at a hotel that has seen better days.  It is in the Black Forest.  There is a castle from the 1300s a few hundred feet away.  I walked in the forest for three to four hours.  I am now on the bed and looking at emails and looking at social media and thinking not very deep thoughts.  Anyways, only two more nights in Germany left and then I will be back in NYC with my cats, my condiments, and the high quality upstate tap water.   The thought of doing a post right as I wake up from what I know will be a hellish sleep state makes me want to die a little inside so instead I am writing a list of things and some key descriptives to help remember what it is I am supposed to be remembering when I eventually write something/anything that is not this garbage. 

Sorry for being such a lazy baby on this post but meh, life happens.  I hope by the time this is posted I am snoozed up and able to face the busy, crazy, zany things to come in the next few weeks.   Live hard, die in your 80s.

Jeff Koons – Frankfurt, Artist as Painter/ Artist as Sculptor, “Pam”, “Bagel”, Rosenquist, Hyper real, digital collage, canvas tooth, Classicism, Sculpture, Folk, Wood, Fables, Liquid Metal, New Better, God Complex, Kid Complex, Sex Complex, Michael Jackson Face, Money, Cartoons, Asia

documenta13 – Bad, Curators, Ethnography, Anthropology, Nazi, Project Based, No Aesthetics, Sprawling, Whiteness, God Damn Huts, Trockel, Cardiff, Too Much Time, The Other, Illuminati, Books, Arabic Text, India, Singing, Plato’s Cave

Kolombo – Amazing, Architecture’s Effect on Installation, Medieval, Vision, Lighting, Good Job, Institutional History, Who’s in Charge? Perspectival Drawings, Monica Borthelami (sp?), Minimal Install Without Being "Minimal Install," Rosary Beads, Skulls, Gothic Rules

Museum Ludwig – Kasper Konig, Good, Large, Expansive, Claus Oldenberg, Comprehensive, Small Objects, Drawings, Obsessed with Penis, Women Hater, Pop Art, Bad Hanging, Bad Lights

Koln – Kolsh, Short Buildings, Kiosks, Daniel Buccholz Galerie, Small City, Dom

Black Forest – Woods, Walks, Fountains, Nice Homes, Children, Jews, WWII, Family Business, Pom Pom Hats, Grasslin Sisters Rule, Gunter Forg, Kippy

Curation – What’s Going On? Schools of Thought, In It To Win It, Prevailing Trends, Stacked Deck, Possibilities for Change

Installation – What makes an installation successful or not? Institutional Think Tank, Napoleonic Leaders in Charge