Monday, October 1, 2012

I Love Raf Simons and Honey Boo Boo

Raf Simons Spring 2013 Ready To Wear collection for Christian Dior is a stunner.  Reading Cathy Horn’s glowing review of it in The New York Times gave insight to the motivations and execution of this line and it also brought up the interesting trend of fashion and minimalism.  The whole fashion and art conversation is, to me, dull and thin  but there is something to that when viewing Simons’ line and thinking about the tendencies currently in art.  This collection has a precise use of tailoring, cuts, color, texture and interesting forms that makes it hyper contemporary.  There is mastery being shown here and also a confidant newness that carries throughout the collection.  The female accentuating, but not feminized, tuxedo jackets and dresses would make any gal feel like boss of the universe.  Also, his uses of future ready sheer colors that are candy hues are just fabulous.  I want to be wrapped head to toe in this fabric.  This balance of accentuating the female form through a constructivist precision while still being sexy is hard to find these days, well at least done this well.   Minimalism has this possibility, it is clear and precise and less is more but in this collection it is not used as a safety, it is pushed to the highest possible level of that reveal.  Lots of contemporary art these days uses the cool gaze of minimalism, as it is a form that grants intelligence in its brazen simplicity.  Much of this new art is just dull though and the distance doesn’t make up for the lack of depth beyond the façade.  Simons on the other hand seems to understand the constraints and the liberty that minimalist form can take and the closer you look at the cuts, folds, and textures, the more intelligent and impressive it becomes.  Yes clothes are clothes and art is art but they both exist in a shared history that parallels as does all forms of creative pursuit.  Raf Simons is a genius with his medium, hopefully art will soon have one as well.

There is a new reality show on TLC called “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” which is based on a family in McIntyre Georgia that consists of June (Mama), Sugar Bear (Dad), Chickadee (Anna), Pumpkin (Lauryn), Chubs (Jessica) and Honey Boo Boo (Alana).  The show centers on Alana who is a 6 year old beauty pageant contestent and her goofy and forthright over the top personality.  The family are self declared rednecks and although they fit the bill in many external and recreational ways they are a very close and tight family and charming in their dysfunctions.  Honey Boo Boo is a ham, a total character that is captivating in her unedited self.  As much as she is charming to watch though, the person I really found fascinating is June, the mother.  She is very genuine and is a very good mom in many ways.  The whole family is interesting and it makes one realize that you can be in the middle of nowhere but if you have personality and a zeal for life and a love of family then life is fun and funny and full of craziness.