Monday, November 12, 2012

Things I Want

It’s going to be my birthday soon. 31 ya’ll.  Gah! Luckily, I’m Asian so I look somewhere between 16 and 45 at any given time dependant on what I wear and what mood I’m in.  It’s also holiday shopping season, or feels like that on the retail streets of this city, and although I hate going into stores and purchase gifts online the week before x-mas, I still have the itch to buy stuff, for myself usually, with all the “Sale!” displays around.  Retail therapy isn’t really my thing but it helps sometimes when you feel the vast bleakness of it all and you just want something, anything to wear, hold, or use to make your face, body, lifestyle seem enriched or slightly less meaningless.  Below is a list of things I want, in object form and otherwise.  Most times I want to get rid of all that surrounds me, to be a little monk in a cave, but I’m a gal living in this time and space and there are so many things that sparkle and so many personalities to become.  Until the day I really say, “goodbye world” via old age, alien invasion, natural cataclysm or a jump off the GW bridge I will always want stuff to make a newer, better, more actualized version of myself that I will be happy to replace with new stuff and thoughts as my whims demand.   Enjoy, get paid, and remember money can’t buy you happiness.

Fancy Bag – I want a big fancy, New York worthy running around bag that will last for 100+ years and can fit my lunch, New Yorker and a cat if I need to emergency escape this city.  Where is this bag?  Where is this perfect big black bag?

Winter Boots – I need winter boots that I can walk around in, like walk miles and over bridges in.  Black size 5.5 women’s.

Vacuum - I have 2 cats.  I have broken 3 vacuums via vacuuming their fur.

Down Comforter – I have no insulation in my bedroom so winter is cold as heck up in here.  I want a fat hot goose (no synthetics) comforter, Queen Size, ethically sourced.

Socks – One can never have too many winter socks.

Knives – For the kitchen.  Good knives are like good make out sessions for food.

Basketball Tickets – Knicks and at least 1 Nets game so I can see the new stadium.

Hockey Tickets – Hockey boys are sexy.

Opera Tickets – Never been.

Symphony Tickets – Never been.

Gold Earrings – 14k or above only.

Art – I want a few sculptures and paintings that are not too crappy.

New Cabinets – I hate my kitchen cabinets, staring at them right now makes me sad.

Plants – That take care of themselves and give me cleaner oxygen.

Cabin in the Woods – For sexy weekends, alone time, making God’s Eyes and chopping wood.

Beach Vacation – For sexy time, water therapy, pretending to be in a music video and cultural domination guilt.

Learn How to Speak Another Language – And then never speak it.

PhD – Seems useful.

French Press – Mine leaks too much.

New Glasses – Something from Maison Martin Margiela’s new line.

Music – Someone/everyone download music and put onto my computer and i-phone while I sleep please.

Fancy Underwear – But made of 100% cotton.

Adjoining Apartment for My Cats – I’m a hostage to them in my own.

World Peace – Just in case.

Christian Dior’s Spring 2013 Ready to Wear Line – Ya!