Monday, December 31, 2012

Last Week of 2012 – Ernest Hemingway, Gym, Jasper Spicero, Bunny Rogers, Facials, Ingmar Bergman, Luis Buñel

New Year’s Eve! Woo-hoo! Done is my gripe, boo-hoo-fest that I’ve been blabbing about of late.  I feel not great but the doom net that has been cast these last few weeks is starting to de-tangle and I feel optimistic about 2013.  2013!  Its seems crazy that we are all not eating capsules for food and wearing shoes that can make us hover yet.  Soon, soon.  This past week has been a time of laying low and in this final week of 2012, I have seen, read, and thought about a whole lotta stuff that makes me excited about the coming year.  Below are a few of these things I recommend that have made this final week bearable, noteworthy, and exciting.  So if tonight you are at a big party, small party, coupled up or solo celebrating, cheers, and congrats to surviving all that was 2012 and may 2013 be as full and even more fantastic!

Ernest Hemingway - A Farewell to Arms and The Sun Also Rises – If you want to read two amazing novels then read these.  Hemingway is Hemingway for many reasons but there is no way to cut it besides he is a master of the English language and more specifically of the American word.  Words, tone, edit, and structure, are diluted to such a perfect form in these novels but not at a loss or a burden to the stories being told.  The focuses of these books are of the most basic of human things; love, friendship, existing in a time, but they are not escapes or re-tellings or capsules for they are of universals.  To see words and story to be told in the manner they are in these two books makes one understand what ‘art’ is.  This unpinnable brilliance of truth that is rare but obvious. 

Gym – Anyone who knows me in real life at all knows that going to the gym is the last place in the universe I would find enjoyable, BUT, it is true, I have joined one and it has only been a week but I am hooked.  It started because I was told that exercising at least 30 mins a day for at least 4 days a week and having your heart rate at 155 rpm will drastically increase levels of seratonin, a monoamine neurotransmitter, which will drastically make you feel not so blue.  Maybe its all psychosomatic but it seems to be doing something good and getting sweaty and having that white-buzz-exercise high is a fun feeling.  There are many gyms in NYC but I am going to one called blink fitness that is only $20 a month and doesn’t have a year-long contract.  Working out amongst strangers is fun too.  You see people and interact with people that one’s mini-micro world normally wouldn’t include.  Also seeing other’s gym wear is fun and makes me want to get a cache of my own.  Plus, you can watch crappy stuff like VH1 best of shows and not feel like a slouch.

Fresh Young Things Found on the Internet – Jasper Spicero, Bunny Rogers – Internet blah-de blah, anyways that being said, there is a never ending fresh crop of kiddies out there that make it all seem worth while.  Two that have caught my eye of late are Jasper Spicero and Bunny Rogers.  I have not met either in real life but their peripheries are haloing in some worlds I do participate in, hence my awareness of them.  Spicero is an artist, I think currently based in the west coast.  His mixture of new media, sculpture, and installation is fresh and although familiar in some ways, is much more interesting then most.  His work seems acutely intelligent as well.  It is going to be absurd how well he will do if he keeps it up.  Very excited about his art at this moment.  Bunny Rogers is an artist as well, I saw only one piece of hers in real time, which was good but not sufficient to make an overall assessment.  What I am enamored with is her poetry which can be read on her tumblr, Cunny, and it is not so much the actual poems that are great but the overall package, tone, style of it all.  The young alt-lit community has gone stale and circle-jerky so it’s refreshing to see someone out of this loop but who is still bringing it.  Her almost embarrassingly personal self-reveal is also another lure, it is just not being done these days and that is always something to get siked about.

Facials – If you have problem skin, like moi, it’s a drag, your face is the thing that is the ultimate physical calling card.  I highly, highly recommend the aesthetician, Hillery Skyler who has a small, (very small), space off of Mio Mia in Williamsburg Brooklyn.  She is a facial goddess.  It makes me want to learn to give facials, like hers, so that I too could give aesthetic holistic renewal.  Until then, go to her, everyone deserves to have great skin.

Movies – Ingmar Bergmann, Fanny and Alexander and Luis Buñel’s, Exterminating Angel – Watching movies is the quickest way to auto tune your life and to pass the time or unwind.  I’ve watched a few this past week and the bad, The Hobbit (Why Peter Jackson Why!?) and Bridesmaids, really make you sad about the state of film but then watching some gems like Bergmann’s Fanny and Alexander and Buñel’s Exterminating Angel make you sigh some relief.  I won’t get into either but both are really worth their while.  If anyone does see them/ has seen them, did you notice in Fanny and Alexander during the funeral processional the notes that are for sure the same as Darth Vader’s theme? And in Exterminating Angel whatever happened to the women who locked herself in the closet with the vases?