Monday, February 25, 2013

Brooke Candy and JUNGLEPUSSY – A New Sort of Feminism?

Let’s talk a bit about feminism ya’ll.  There is a new type of girl out there.  She is crazy and she doesn’t give a fuck.  The ideal girl as it once was, a girl that is blank, polite, eager, still exists in most of America-land but in the world most of us want to live in this girl is dead.  Or at least already married, has kids, another on the way, and slowly going to transform into a version of her mother in looks and loss of will to live.  Just kidding all you happily married, procreating types but seriously, you know what I mean.  The new girl is either the girl you pretend to be in your room or the one that kicks everyone’s ass. She is not fierce (that may be the worst word ever) but she is pretty much insane and revels in this.  There are of course other types of girls out there but this new type of girl is being seen more because she is a walking spectacle with entourage in toe that demands eyeballs.  Two of these girls currently are Brooke Candy and JUNGLEPUSSY.  Both are musicians, nay rappers, and when watching their videos, Brooke Candy’s “Das Me” and JUNGLEPUSSY’s “Cream Team” one sees the package that is being presented in words, costuming and performance of self.  Some may think it a stretch but through these videos you can see a bit of a new sort of feminism, one in which being the baddest bitch in the room is exactly who you want to be. 

Brooke Candy is a white girl who is young.  She is pretty and average in body shape with some above average parts.  She as a person is not really that important though as she is an avatar which flaunts her assets and accessorizes herself to be the person she wants to be and be seen as.  In “Das Me,” and most other times, she has very long extensions, these here are pink and platinum blonde.  She wears an anime inspired outfit that is gold reflective plates of armor that make her look like a mix between an action figure and a leader of a sex cult.  The video is very basic; it is a day or two max type of shoot.  She is in what appears to be LA or some such place where warm lighting, wide streets, boutique shops, and black children on bikes can be easily sourced.  The video in itself is a series of hip-hop and urban troupes.  There is the crew in the car scene, there is the on top of the car scene, there is the hotel party scene, there is the white girls doing drugs and twerking scene.  It is fine to look at and a bit dull but a means to an end to play background to her actual song.  The song is basically saying how if you are looking for the baddest gal around, then that’s her and also that being a slut is fine and something to be proud of.  The line that is sort of pretty amazing is, “It’s time to take the word back, slut is now a compliment, a sexy ass female who’s running shit and confident.”  In addition to the actual catchiness of the song Brooke Candy can actually rap which is necessary for this whole package.  The general overall mood and tempo of the song is quick biting with uncomplicated but well produced audio tracking.  Brooke’s otherworldly aesthetic and obvious total confidence drives this video and song but again it is the lyrics that are most interesting.  Lines such as, “Next time they call you a slut, Brooke Candy tells you not to give a fuck,” are things that if any weirdo young girl out there is hearing and seeing this video might help her to get through the day, life, and misery that is attached to growing up and likewise to grown women who need an anthem.  Brooke Candy is definitely just doing her thing and being exactly how and who she wants to be but I also think that there is something bold and unique in that she is directly calling out, taking back and flipping the pejorative “slut” into a positive.

JUNGLEPUSSY is a black girl who is also young.  She is rough around the edges and it seems like she could beat the crap out of most people, maybe with her eyes only.  Her body type is skinny but she flaunts her breasts, which have staring role in her “Cream Team” video.  This video is also very simple and is riddled with hip-hop flexing as well.  Champagne, cash, cars, and crew are heavily represented.  The song is not much more then a CV for how she is hot and deserves the best and expects the best.  The song production is a bit lazy and flat which makes the general tone sluggish but that may suit the song and her style, as her rapping is not fast or tight.  What JUNGLEPUSSY lacks in lyric forte she makes up for in swagger.  She is not here to entertain.  She doesn’t seem to care if you care and she is not here to impress.  She is flaunting but seems to do it in a banal way.  Even when she is being sexy in a tub or eating a rose she seems half there.  There is something oddly interesting to this because most female rappers, singers in general, try very hard to convince you.  The lyrics in the song are not very compelling but are concise in pointing out why she and her body are the best.  The refrain of the song is, “Straight cash on this titty stash, straight cash on this titty stash.  Where my stripper bitch, where my stripper bitch.”  This and the rest of the song in general, relays this overall tone that I think is an interesting twist.  She is talking and posturing in a way that males usually do, but in this case she is the dominant and she is the object.  This has an empowering effect, and although yes, there is something of a self-inflicted degradation and learned objectification as some may see it, her bravado quickly extinguishes this.  There are things that seem misaligned and being done in a non-reflective way but throughout, JUNGLEPUSSY possesses herself and all that she wants and demands in a way that is selfish and arrogant and THAT is very powerful. 

Both Brooke Candy and JUNGLEPUSSY use their bodies and talk about their bodies as primary focus.  This is necessary and smart as the female body and sexuality is a power tool that when used correctly, can be a liberating force.  Women’s sexuality is a battle ground that has been staked and claimed by men for like almost forever and it is here that women can change things in this macho landscape.  It may also be the tool that can redefine thought and practices within feminism itself.  This is not the only way or form that women today can and are changing things but it is one that has so much potency because it is uniquely one’s own.  Both Brooke Candy and JUNGLEPUSSY are playing the game that has been played for all time by men but they are messing it up as well because while they meet expectation they are also going down their own freak path.  These types of ladies are the ones that will support the next generation of crazy girls out there and this is so necessary as most of what’s going on and who’s out there is a sea of phonies and fitters in.