Monday, March 25, 2013

What is Art?

I can’t think right now.  All I can do is eat and sleep and other body things to make me choo-choo through life.  What I do do is think about art though.  And what I am doing is thinking about questions about art.  There are more questions then answers and who needs answers when you have questions?  I have read in various places and have been told by various people that the best thing to do when engaging with art is to ask questions.  Well, to look first then allow time to let it sit with you and then to ask questions.  This seems like a sensible and reasonable thing to do but sometimes the questions become overwhelming.  A boulder ball that comes at you with certain mental flattening.  This is okay though, because it means you’re still thinking upstairs and sometimes it can pave the space for new questions and ideas.  Below are some questions that are stuffing my head and maybe this little exercise will help clear the clutter and the mild despair I am having over art.  I love art though and maybe all these questions are the problem.  We all need to let art be what it will be and to tell it how we feel about it from time to time.  I love you art.  Let’s just relax and be best friends forever. 

Why do people make anything?  Why do they do anything?  Why do artists make art?  Who are artists? Why do people look at art? Isn’t everything already known?  Who is in charge here? What is art for? How has art gotten to be at the place it is now?  Where have all the artists gone?  Is art the same as it was before?  Are any of these questions necessary? Is anything necessary?  What makes an image? What is an image? How does one create an image? Why are there no more images? Why are all the images the same? Does art need to be images? Does art need to be image based? Do things that are not images stand in for images? How does thinking about art change the brain? Can art change the way you live? Can art change the way you think? Does art have meaning? If art does not have meaning then what has meaning?  Is art just about having a better chance of getting laid? Is the art world just a series of people getting laid?  Is there any reason for art to exist? Is the art today like the art of tomorrow? What will tomorrow’s art be? Why does art need money? Why are there so many artists? Why is there so much bad art? Who let there be so much bad art?  Is bad art possible? Is good art possible? Why do we think about anything? What is the purpose of doing anything? Will people always make art? Is anyone still making art? Does art exist anymore? Do we like to think about art so that we can have something to think about that isn’t sex or death? How do you think about art? Who made this? What is this? Where are you going with any of this? What were they thinking? What are you thinking? What am I thinking? Where can it go from here? Is there an audience? Are you seeing what I am seeing? How does it make you feel?  What makes something a good art work?  What makes something good? Why does any of this matter? Does anyone have anything to contribute? How can you think about anything at a time like this? How does something stick with you? Can art make you feel happy? Can art make you think? Who thinks? Who cares? Are all artists hacks? Are we all hacks? What is a hack? Are the questions always the same? Do we all have the same ideas? Do we need to have other people make us feel connected through an object or an idea? Who thought of things first? When you wake up do you think about art? When you go to sleep do you think about art? Why are any of us here? What does it mean to be a part of something? Is art a part of anything? What is true art? What is pure art? What is the best art? What makes something art? What makes walking art? When did art stop mattering? Did art ever matter? What is art? What is art? What is art?