Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring! Predictions and Other Things

It’s spring and it's finally starting to feel like it.  Thank gawd.  Get ready to get sexy NYC and to dust off the winter crust in both external and internal ways.  March is the teaser month, it’s just winter wrapped up in a nice sounding name.  But have no fear, the earth turns, the seasons change and it will only get warmer and warmer.  Spring is the best because it makes you feel like life, love, and adventure are all possible again.  This is true for art and I can’t wait for the new crop of things to come up in the coming weeks and months.  Going to openings, hanging out with friends, seeing shows will not feel like a trek but an event to see and be seen and to have prolonged talks and walks.  I’ve been busy living life in a way, which is good but exhausting.  I saw a little bit of art this week but nothing that stuck with me so instead I will use this post to reflect on trends, predictions and whatever else pops into my mind.  New Years may be in January but I think April is when things will start blooming and the seeds sown will grow into the flowers or the duds they will become for the upcoming months. 

Still Lifes – Still lifes are going to be so super in that it’s going to be like, whoa.  Really.  This is a tried and true form and it is being done in new ways now with the internet kids loving their consumer products and all but the new still life will be more referential and specifically recalling traditional forms.  Food, flowers, dead things are going to be center stage.  Themes of opulence, abundance, death, and life have been and will be the underlying focus in this new iteration but things will be hyper-realized with new aesthetic and composition.  I hope that in this new batch there is some oil paints and also sculpture with some ooziness and not all just slick reboots.  Grab some tulips, an orange and a dead rabbit and give it a go yourself if you find yourself in the mood.

Overalls – Get a pair, they are comfy and stupid all at the same time. Yay.

Veganism – It was en vogue in the 2000s and if you are a certain age you have probably given it a whirl yourself.  Veganism in a mass-pop way has never been “in” but I think this time around more will be participating in it then you think.  Maybe if they rebranded the word ‘vegan’ or made a new name for it like ‘best life’ then it would be more conceptually palatable for people.  I don’t know about you all but the whole bacon on everything, paleo-diet is like sorta mental to me.  I’m not a vegan, never have been but I think that everything from the 2000s is back and has been back in a big way and it’s already loosing its irony fringes so the next step in being as was then is in what one eats.  Encapsulate a time for real and bite into lentil, quinoa, everything.

No Art Districts – Everyone can feel this already.  Yes there are pockets of art areas, Chelsea and the Lower East Side most notably, but there is no need for this really.  Art galleries are storage spaces and announcement cards for art these days and at times a meet and greet.  If you are someone who wants to be a gallerist/dealer/gallery owner then no need to be in these art districts or in New York even.  In fact, if you want to be a successful new dealer I recommend you doing your thing outside of New York.  New York needs a new gallery like it needs a hole its big apple head.  Well, that’s not true, we always like new blood so that it seems like there is some sort of eco-system life cycle going on, but really, the glut is too much and there are too many middle players in a field that has a full roster.  Those that are smart in the game and want to stay in/be in NYC will just go wherever the rent is cheap.  Location is not a place anymore but an installation shot.  Having a small room with one work by a big name is all one may need soon.  It’s all about inventory baby.  Sell, sell, sell. 

White Supremacists – They are making a comeback, scary but true.  I think that in the next few months we will be seeing a lot more of this in the news and in the air.  This time around white supremacists groups are going after other white people so it will be oddly not responded to.  This will get interesting.  Scary, crazy, but interesting nonetheless.  We are at a time when wearing a swastika if you are certain person with a certain confidence and an indestructible sense of humor you can pull it off.  Bizarre but true.  Irony has no bounds.

Social Media Suicide – It’s already happening but it will happen more.  People are over the internet and not just the people who were grumpy, not very into it in the first place but people that are figures in it or are celebrities or know it well and have mastered it to some degrees.  Facebook is so passé, Tumblr is for tweens, snap chat I don’t even…, Instagram is were selfies and life moments go to die, and twitter is twitter.  If these things are not already those things for you, they will be and they will be to many.  These internet deaths will be with discreet account deletes or with hari kari performative goodbyes.  There will be many funerals for the friends, followers and followed who will say bye-bye to the self-inflicted panoptican gaze. 

Art Fun – This will be a season of fun art, or art will be fun or both.  I am really optimistic, possibly tragically needy, in believing that this spring and summer will be fun.  Fun is not necessarily the best thing.  Fun doesn’t mean that it will be thought provoking or that interesting, or revelatory in anyway really but it will be fun.  Fun can be dumb but good and that’s okay.  I’ll take fun.  I’ll take art and fun over art and serious or self-gratifying.  This fun will not be about humor per se or about content. I think it will be more in how people get together, enjoy being at a thing or looking at something and be able to enjoy themselves and think that that was a-ok and feel like time was spent well.  I hope it will be fun for you and that art can be a giant background for a life being lived.