Monday, June 3, 2013

Google Search Words

I was going to write about the really amazing show, Subliming Vessel: Drawings of Matthew Barney, at the Morgan Library but I have severe sunburn from the beach and can’t think straight due to the pulsing pain.  So instead I’m going to do a dumb little exercise using Google Search terms on art.  This is dumb but yeah, brain is bad today.  Anyone who wants to see something really great, go see the Barney show.  Go on a Friday, it’s free and open till 9pm and it is great for dates, romantic, familial or otherwise.  You will not be disappointed (also the Morgan is choc full of other amaze things like medieval cook books, Wagner’s compositions in his own hand, one of the first Gutenberg pressings and a lot more.)  So with that, here goes… (search terms as of 11:40-11:55am June 3, 2013, search words are in bold)

art is
art is
art is dead
art is dead lyrics
art is life

painting is
painting is dead
painting is a metaphor for control
painting is hard
painting is silent poetry

how do you become an artist
how do you become an artist
how do you become an artist on sims 3
how do you become an artist on sims freeplay
how do you become an artist manager

museums are
museums are useless
museums are boring
museums are where art goes to die
museums are expensive

why do people make art
why do people make art
why do people make art journals
why do people make art yahoo
why do people make art essay

new york city is
new york city is in what county
new york city is killing me
new york city islands
new york city is overrated

scutlpure is
sculpture is what kind of process
sculpture is
sculpture island
sculpture island salon

contemporary art
contemporary furniture
contemporary art daily

best art
best art schools
best artists of all time
best art museums in nyc
best art galleries nyc

galleries are
galleries are full of critics
aresnaob galleries
arena galleries
arena galleries Liverpool

making art
making art
making artichokes
making art fun
making art prints

female artists
female artists music
female artists love songs
female artists of the 20th century

male artists
male artists
male artists names
male artists 2013
male artist that play piano

andy warhol was
andy warhol was right
andy warhol was an idiot
andy warhol was right meaning
andy warhol was shot

art critics are
art critics are bullshit
art critics are idiots
art critics are

art fairs are
art fairs are about money
art fairs Chicago area
art fairs bay area
art fairs Detroit area

collectors are
collectors are proteans
collectors are op
collectors are too hard
collectors are the real looters

how to be a successful artist
how to be a successful artist
how to be a successful artist manager
how to be a successful artist on etsy
how to be a successful artist book

art school is
art school is a waste
art school is a joke
art school is hard
art school isreal

art makes me
art makes me feel
art makes me happy
art makes me depressed
art makes me smile

bad art
bad art good walls
bad art tumblr
bad art museum
bad art bistro

modern art is
modern art is bullshit
modern art is
modern art is not art
modern art is crap

artists are
artists are
artists arena
artists are useless
artists are weird

art is for
art is form and content
art is for art’s sake
art is for everyone
art is for the rich

For some reason Google stopped letting me search things at this last entry.  Not sure why but yeah, the above is a quick sampling of what comes up when you input art things.  What does it mean? I’m not sure, Google is an auto bot (supposedly…) that caches accumulations of peoples’ search terms.  This type of thing can be done with any person, place, thing or word and the results are sometimes revealing of the status quo.  The internet is a funny thing.  It connects but does not reveal.  It is a tool that can be used poorly or well.  Words are good.  Knowledge is good.  Just always remember, don’t believe everything you read.  Do this with things you are thinking about if you have a few moments to kill.  It’s a form of poetry for our contempo-techo-state.