Monday, June 10, 2013

To Do List

Gah! It’s already June 10th and the summer feels like it is going by in a blur.  Things in the summer slow down in the art world, well they are supposed to, but there is so much going on with the Basel and the Biannale and all this other international jazz.  I’m grounded in good old NYC for most of this summer and I have so much I want to do/have to do before Fall 2013 that it is making me apoplectic to think about.  Sigh.  Busy living or busy dying right?

All I can think about right now is all these must do, to dos and per use, I am procrastinating in my imaginations of them versus my actualizations of them.  This is okay though.  Being able to visualize the near and far future in tasks and goals (or whatever one calls those things) is like strength training for your inner psyche.  Visualize to actualize.

Below is a list, of things that I want to, have to, and should do in the coming weeks and months.  I hope you are all having a fab summer thus far and if not, eat a lot of ice cream and corn on the cob until things get better.

  1. Do all the laundry
  2. Go see Donald Judd’s house
  3. Go see Walter DeMaria’s Broken Kilometer
  4. Go to beach every day possible
  5. Watch Citizen Kane
  6. Run at least 3 miles 3 times a week
  7. Eat strict veg diet 98% of the time
  8. Have someone paint a portrait of me
  9. Get hella fit
  10. Somehow get $45,000
  11. Go to the Cloisters
  12. Walk the length of Central Park
  13. Ride on the back of bikes
  14. Play tennis
  15. Go to a cabin
  16. Go on a sail boat
  17. Watch fireworks
  18. Go look at Van Gogh’s Postman
  19. Go to Spa Castle
  20. Go to a Russian bath
  21. Go to 3 star restaurants
  22. Go to parties where tacos are involved
  23. Read all of Shakespeare
  24. Learn how to download torrents
  25. Grow hair to belly button
  26. Push ups with one hand
  27. Grow basil
  28. Watch as many movies as possible at Spectacle Theater
  29. Make out as much as possible
  30. Walk along the water at night as much as possible
  31. Learn how to make creme brulee
  32. Read 2-10 artist biographies
  33. Master the split
  34. Reconcile with all(most) past loves and friends
  35. Watch all the Game of Thrones episodes to date
  36. Buy backgammon board
  37. Defeat acne
  38. Hold hands with someone in the Greek Wing at the Met
  39. See choral music at a cathedral
  40. Make dinner for all my friends

Well that’s my to do list from now till September, seems doable no?  I have total faith it can all be achieved.  Life is silly sometimes.  It’s like happening right now but it also feels like the thing that you are waiting for to begin, happen, something like that.  All I know is that life is amaze and it’s incredible that we are all right now existing and able to bump into and connect to one another and to a mass of strangers at any given point.  I know I am sounding all hippie dippie but yeah, that’s the truth of it.  Go out and get shit done and if you don’t want to do anything at all, that’s chill too.  Enjoy your day, week, month, summer.  I know I will.  Summer 2k13 is going to be fantastic.