Monday, June 24, 2013

What's Up With...

So right now, at this very moment I am at a posh hotel in the Hamptons and just got a Swedish message so I’m floating in an alterna world in more ways then one.   As I was getting all muscle relaxed, thoughts kept popping in and out of my brain, quickly and without consequence.  Many times the thoughts started with ‘what’s up with ---‘ because really what is up with a lot of things that are happening in art, culture, America and the world right now. 

Below are some of these thoughts.  Next week I promise to do an actual post about actual art. Promise.

What’s up with slutwave? Or whatever they are calling it and it’s various incarnations?  You know what I mean, girls wearing hooker clothing, think fishnet onsies and clear plastic glitter stilettos.  It’s mostly educated, well off white girls who are doing it and it has to stop! I am all for any girl, women, person to look and dress however they want and sexiness and raunchiness can most certainly be in that cache of choices but the way it is being presented and done currently is often times just tacky.  Dressing and presenting oneself in this way requires brains and balance.  Some are successful in doing this and are challenging sexuality, being a women etc. in some ways but most are not and it’s embarrassing to see.  Slutty can be empowering and cool but let’s get it real and stop it if you are solely doing it for selfie gratification. 

What’s up with Miley Cyrus’ stylist?  On a related note on the above, who the hell is Cyrus’ stylist and whoever they are they should be shot.  Not shot, but at least have their hands glued shut.  Cyrus has turned from Disney child star to a feux ghetto twerking machine.  Jezebal’s Dodai Stewart wrote a quick reflection on Cyrus’ use of ‘rachet’ and other signifiers that originated within black fashion and culture.  I wish it was more in depth but I was glad to see someone else doing a frowny faced what the hell is this.  White people (and basically all other people in America) will always mimic and mine black culture.  That’s not a bad thing or a wrong thing but the way Cyrus is doing it is so transparently designed.  Hopefully something else will become hot and authenticating soon and she can transform herself into whatever that may be.

What’s up with all the racists?  Paula Dean.  You know the story.  Racism is back ya’ll.  It never went away but yeah, wow.

What’s up with gluten-free?  As discussed with my friend when seeing this written on a bag of chips: gluten-free as a term and food-branding strategy is an inside job.  Eat bagels, be happy.

What’s up with the lack of men in the city?  Really. Men, are any of you out there?  Is the idea of a “man” an illusion that novels and movies have tricked me into thinking exists?  Is it because in New York you can take your age and subtract 7 and that’s how old you act?  (For men it’s subtract 10)  I am fond of the opposite sex, obviously, but yeah…  It would be nice to know of, see in the wild, a bonafide man.  I’m not sure what that even means but I think I would know when I see it.  Sigh...suspension of youth is beautiful but also a curse.

So, yeah, that’s a little tidbit of thoughts.  Sorry to sound so complainy.  Not really.  Feeling rushed to get back to vacation mode.  Till next week, think things, see things, hold hands and laugh out load a lot with friends.