Monday, July 8, 2013

Mad Libs with Arielle Falk

She walked into the (place)_Lower East Side_ and she saw her friend (person’s name)_Jesse_ sitting at a table.  The room was dark and she went to the bar and ordered a(n) (noun)_enchilada__.  She headed towards her friend and they began to talk in general terms.  Her friend mentioned that they just went to a gallery opening at (place)_Economy Candy_ and saw the work of (person’s name)_Janine_.  The friend went on to describe the show, which had large (noun)_flipflops_ that were (adjective)_tender_.  “Really” she said, “that’s surprising.”  Her friend (verb)_dropkicked__ their head in agreement. 

“You know that reminds me of this other artist named (person’s name)_Jack_ remember when they (verb)_twerk(ed)_ a few years ago and it caused a terrible scene?”

“I do.  That show was such a (adjective)_thirsty_.  I heard they sold out completely opening night.”

They talked about other things.  Then in walked (person’s name)_Joan_.  They were distinct looking as they had a large (noun)_eggroll_ and they were taller then most people.

Their friend joined them at the table and told them about a mutual friend who had just (adjective)_pink(ed)__.

“No, I can’t believe it” they both said in unison. 

Their friend (verb)_tickle(d)__ their (noun)_cloud_ and said they swore it was the truth.

They talked about what that all meant to their friend.  How it would change the path of their (noun)_necktie_. 

She looked at her friends and said “Sometimes the most unexpected thing happens when you least expect it.”  She (verb)_jerk(ed)_ after saying this because she knew that it sounded (adjective)_bursting_.

They finished up their drinks and they started heading out of the (noun)_acrylic nail_. 

It was a (adjective)_neon_ night and it looked like it was going to (verb)_slobber_.

She turned the corner to her street and she thought about the news about her friend.  She felt (adjective)_crusty_.  She secretly wished that this thing would happen for her.