Monday, September 16, 2013

Hate List

Sometimes you just have a lot of hate in you.  Negative energy is not good.  Not good at all.  It makes you age faster and repels people and life force in general.  Sometimes though, one can’t help but just feel like things are b.a.d.  Is mercury in retrograde (?) cause I have been feeling a lot of ugggggg about a lot of things these past few days.  One of the best things one can do to relieve, purge, expel, the hate ball that is wading up one’s inner feng shui is to get it all out.  Below is my attempt to cleanse the inner me so that I can stop being a hater and again be a mildly skeptical lover of life.   Sorry to do this to you my lovely readers, I don’t mean to pass on the negative juju.  I hope maybe this will also lessen your hate load.

Smoking – Real, electronic, gross, gross, gross. (why can’t I stoppppp?!)

Anime girls – The idea that youth, like puberty age, is somehow sexy.

Stripper clothing – If I have to see one more mesh or strap outfit I might just…

Texting – I do it, we all do it. 

Sugar – It tastes so good but it makes you feel like sludge after. 

Social Drinking – Need to do it to get through life but seems…

Openings – Room full of people, chitchat, sharing each other’s breath air.

Bagels – Sometimes too much of something is just too much of something.

Fashion Week – Do you think I care?!

Websites – They all look the same. Why?

Bro Artists – Yeah yeah yeah.

Rhetorical Discourse – Blah blah blah. 

Events – Please. No more.

Things at Hotels – Cheesy.

Apps – If boring after a week I delete you.

Sriracha – It’s not even that good people.

Insomnia – You aren’t thinking, you are just tired and mad at yourself the whole time.

Bad Book Fonts – Clever never wins.

Bodega Flowers – They Die-e-i-i in like 2 days.

“Net Art” – Seriously?

Youth Obsession – Why does it seem like every guy over 27 wants to be a 13-year-old girl?

“Alt Lit” – A group of unstylish people saying how sad they feel.

Babies with crazy names – My pick is “Lolz”

Girl Bros – Come On!

Football as Lifestyle – Football is great. Stop acting like you have no life though.

Foodie – The more you talk about food the boring-er your life probably is.

Casual Sex – Tried it, it’s pretty boring.

Online Dating Platforms – I would rather die alone (which is probably going to happen).

Scene Queens – One day you will wake up and be 50.

Trying Hard to be a Freak – Coolness should always be easy. 

Cultural Arbiters – We need them but currently most are self-feeding redundancies.

Money – Always need more of it.

The Internet – Sometimes a giver of life, sometimes a ball and chain.

Waking Up – My inner clock starts at 4pm.

Being Cool – I’m too honest to ever be cool.  Sucks to be me.

The Art Industrial Complex – Beg to be in it, takes one’s soul.