Monday, October 28, 2013

Long Hair Don’t Care

I’m in Mexico City aka DF and at this point on my epic tour of ‘who the hell knows what I’m doing,’ I just don’t give a flying F about most things.  This is usual for my grumble-core self but yeah, no work, all play and tourist/non-tourist art/culture explorations 24/7 makes me a very accepting, non-plussed, bemused, and mildly shruggy girl.  Everything is chill ya’ll.  Embrace the bullshit, embrace the malaise, embrace the beauty that is life. 

PDA – Mexico City is big on this.  Like everyone.  Young, Old, Homo/Hetero, all the above.  It’s cute as heck especially when seniors are doing it.  Abrazos y besos. 

Apps – Facebook is boring.  Or getting nearly to it.  Going back onto the Instagram and other things.  Probably won’t last long since I get bored easy but yeah, so many ways to over share, so many bad models to have to work within.

“What do you do?” – “So, what is it that you really do?” Stop asking me this question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Answer I give: “Oh, like organize shows and events and work for art galleries and other places.” Answer I want to give: “I poop, all day long.”

Smoking – Seems fine if you only smoke 1-3 cigs a day.  Will always be sexy anti-social.

Hooking Up – No harm, no foul.

English – If you are involved with the art world, anywhere you go that is art world will speak English. 

Bros vs. Feminists on the Internet – Can’t we all just get along?! (no).

Guys who date Asian girls – Just admit it. 

Art Divas – There are no victims.  Bake a cake! Relax!

CV as Art – You are the job you have.  Period. 

Guys who date young girls – Evolution doesn’t give a shit about personality.

Girl on girl hate – Can’t we all just get along?! (never).

Alternative Spaces – The word, “alternative.” Hehe.

Rave Over – EDM will be taken over very soon by Skinhead culture.

Domesticity – Long term relationships, matching outfits, marriage, babies, dinner for two is hawt.

That 89plus Thing – Dumb but fun (?)

Emotions – Overflow is better then trickle down.

Not USA – It’s a big ass world out there.