Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LA Time Twist

Oh my gawd, so I’m in LA and yesterday I completely forgot to post on this thing! First time in like over two years!  So many Mondays in a row till now!  Crazy! This goes to show you the power that is LA and it’s ability to alter your sense of time in major ways.

So for those that don’t know, I’m on, what can only be mellow dramatically summed up as an arty version of ‘Eat Pray Love.’  Never read it, never will but I am assuming people know what I mean when I say this.  Anyways…  Currently, I’m in LA, and have been for a week and a half.  I will be here for another few weeks.  Four weeks total.  After this I leave for Mexico City for another month.  I am so cray.  But yeah, I’m here in LaLa land and the first week I was just a little lost soul but now things have picked up and I am getting my bearings in this town. 

Below are a few remarks on LA thus far.  This is so late and so rushed so please forgive.  Next week I promise to be on time and to have actual things to say.  Miss you NYC babies! Smooch!

Weather – It is SO FRIGGIN BRIGHT here.  Like ALL THE TIME.  Really it is comically bright.  It is, ‘you have got to be joking me’ bright.  It is like hisssssss, nooooo bright.  It’s brightness that actual drains you.  It is brightness that doesn’t make you happy-sunny-yeah but makes you want to blast the sun to smithereens.

Driving – You drive a lot.  All the time.  Everywhere.  Don’t go anywhere between 3-8pm.  Driving near oceans is amaze.  You can’t drink cause you have to drive.  Driving.  All those things about LA and driving is how it is. 

Fashion – People dress waaaaaay different then in NYC. (Yes everything is being compared to NYC, get over it).  Anyways.  I like LA’s laidback style.  There are more colors, it’s more casual, and there is an easy breeziness in general.  The look is slightly recalled but in a sort of dashed way.  There is more rock n’ roll, grunge, or something like that happening here in the ensembles.  There is a bit of sloppiness that makes me frowny but it is nice to see a chiller way of dressing oneself, even if it seems like an off the floor type of methodology.  People here also seem to be very desirous of fall and winter but for no other reason then getting to wear coats and winter clothes.  So charming, no?

Art Scene -  Just dipping  my toes into this.  Artists seem like diaspora in LA.  There are various things that may be called a “scene” but in reality there isn’t a “scene.”  There is a mood perhaps and there are people that like each other and hang out and probably talk about art but this is definitely a town of people doing their own thing.  Not in a paranoid, keeping secrets way but in an, I’m just doing my thing here for a bit way.  It feels more honest but also more isolated.  There are galleries and things to see but this is as spread out as the people.  There are gems though and here too is that delightful casualness.  You are very likely to be the only person to come to a gallery during weekday hours.  More on LA art world soon. 

Food – LA is food crazed.  In good ways and in bad.  I am so not into foodie culture but yeah, food.  It’s a big thing here.  Very clean, very healthy eating going on.  It’s nice and it’s cheap if you look. 

LA/NYC Comparisons  - Maybe it’s me, maybe I bring it out in people, but most of the people I have met are not from LA but have transplanted here to attend or are post college.  Forever traveling youths reflect trends on where people relocate and why. This convo is like apples and oranges, cats and dogs, etc.  Not a very interesting sort of convo, but an ongoing one that will only increase as LA continues to be a place to live that is full of things and it is very not New York.