Monday, November 18, 2013

Boychild / Jumex Museum

Boychild – Boychild was in DF to do a show plus other things (not to be disclosed yet).  Her performance for Cancha, run by Night at Salón de Baile Caribe last Monday was in one word: incredible.  Those who have seen Boychild perform will understand what I mean by this.  Those who have not, you have to as soon as you can.  Boychild performs, more like transforms, herself with movement and music.  For this presentation she had white paint over her head and torso.  She was bare from the waist down, had black light contacts in her eyes and flickering lasers in hands and in mouth.  As the music played Boychild would mouth, move and gesticulate to create a surreal experience.  The way that she moves her body reminds one of kabuki and other precision and mastered forms of movement of the body for expression.  It felt like tapping into something deeply forgotten, something that we all know in an, ‘in the guts way,’ but has been forgotten with the ages.  The music and all else are devices.  It is plot, it is setting, it is backdrop.  It heightens and accentuates Boychild’s performance to maximal visceral and reality altering state.  I wish there was another word then ‘performance’ for what I saw Boychild do that night.  It seems so limiting in a way.  What it did do is literally leave me with my mouth open in sheer fascination and wonder.   

Jumex Museum – This is a museum owned by Eugenio López who owns the Jumex juice empire and has purchased himself a Grade A contemporary art collection from these proceeds.  This new museum opened this weekend and wow, was it a shit show.  Not the museum itself.  It is actually very nice in a lot of ways.  Firstly, the architect David Chipperfield did an elegant job with the space itself, think New Museum but better and with sandy colored marble all over the place.  The things inside were also fine as well.  All the hits and expected ‘best of’ roster from the past few decades are on view.  What it may lack in collection concept it makes up for in rigor of installation.  Forms, colors, and basic themes are masterfully displayed in a form of art-interior-design.  There was also a comprehensive exhibition of James Lee Byars, which gives a flavor of the possible curated exhibitions to come.  Also, the use of the garage, albeit a one time thing purportedly, was funky enough to make the place feel larger then it is. 

Back to the shit show part.  What made this a shit show was the Mecca like convergence of the international art elite to Jumex.  Everywhere you went, every corner turned they were there.  They being famous curators, collectors that you can spot from a mile away, not only by that certain way a cardigan rests on the shoulder but also from the actual gaggle of them, the hot, über artists and every Jane, Dick and Harry that is the tertiary admin and PR spinner in this strata of the art world. 

The convergence actually broke my soul a little.  I know that it (it = the art world) is what it is.  I have said this many times.  I say it and believe it.  I know it.  But seeing it manifested.  Seeing DF being swarmed by those that function in this way, come to a city, stay in tight groups, party with the same people they party with in New York, London Miami, etc, and to have it happening in Mexico City somehow made this knowing, this ‘getting it’ somehow more despairing.  I said this to anyone who would listen while it was happening and I’ll write it here: This thing, this type of context, these types of people, this setting, THIS is the goal.  It is the goal and if you don’t want or try for this goal you are doomed.  It’s true.  It sucks, a lot, but it is the truth.  Crying myself a river.  What is one to do?