Monday, February 10, 2014

Dear Mexi Diary

puppies for sale at a marcado
I’m in Mexico City still.  Today is my last day. I fly out tomorrow afternoon and return to cold but home sweet home New York.  Coming back here for one week and for an art fair really made this time around drastically different then my month long stay.  New friends were made, old friends were re-seen and a lot of talking, drinking, partying and sometimes dull in-betweens occurred.  Below is a quick recap of this week (as I remember it) ((some things omitted, claro, si si). 

Tuesday, Feb 4 - Plane out of JFK 9:00am.  TSA giving me trouble about crate/suitcase thing.  Got them down from $290 bag fee to $70.  Have to unscrew lid with screwdriver with 4 people watching me.  Drill is inside the crate.  Get to terminal, just make the flight. Lots of art people talking about Zona Maco on flight.  Starving.  Haven’t eaten.  Plane, plane, plane.  Hungry on plane.  Land.  Take taxi to friend’s (N) apartment in Centro.  Box heavy and massive.  Third floor.  N not there, friend of N’s (B) is there (luckily).  He is very nice.   We go to a marcado for food.  Walk around after and look for a stool.  Buy clippers and nail polish for toes.  Forgot to paint toes before leaving.  Go out with B to an opening someone from New York (B2) is curating.  Never met B2.  Go to address.  Not the right place.  Don’t have internet.  Try to find place.  Decide to go to another opening in Roma Norte that friends are in.  Find it.  Friends there.  Talk.  Leave with group to another show in Roma Norte.  Talk to more people.  Go get food.  The big group doesn’t want to eat.  B and I eat.  Place full of Maco dealers.  Guy named (S) comes and asks to sit with us.  We chat.  We leave as our friends are coming to the place for free drinks.  Train ride and walk home, B feels sick.  Run to apt.  N is there.  Talk to N.  Relax, fall asleep.

Wednesday, Feb 5 - Wake up late.  Go get food with N and B.  See cops trying to get a motorcycle from people.  People beat cops.  Cops leave.  Go to apt and talk a bit.  Go with N to frame shop. Trouble with money.  Get money.  Get frames.  Taxi to fair.  Go to apartment and get crate.  N helps set up my booth.  I help N set up his booth.  Done install around 12:00am.  Talk to people near me at fair.  See some old friends there too, talk a little, everyone very busy with install.  Go to aptartment and sleep.

Thursday, Feb 6 - Get dressed, get sandwiches and walk to fair.  Fair is open from 11:30am to 10:00pm.  VIP people.  Busy sometimes, not busy others.  Talk to collectors.  Sell some work.  Feel exhausted.  Smoke cigarettes by pool with people.  Friends from NYC arrive.  New friends of N and B arrive.  Talk to people in next booth a lot.  No dinner.  Feel sick from being tired and not eating.  Leave at 9:30pm.  Go home and put on another outfit.  N comes with (A) and a few other girls.  We go to a taco place.  (M) and (D) show up.  Drink Micheladas.  Tacos not good, only eat 2.  Go to after party.  D is dj-ing so we get in.  Have to wait for girls.  Get them in.  Door is barred shut with wood.  Go to party on top floor.  Party not very fun.  Some friends there.  Talk to them.  Dance a little.  Feel tired.  Decide to leave early.  See B2 and other people trying to get in.  Tell them it is not fun.  We go to a bar.  Bar is not open that night.  Go to gay clubs.  Drink a lot of tequila.  B2s friends (R), (R2), (A2), and (P) are very drunk.  Almost get kicked out.  Dance a lot.  Go to another bar.  R’s friend (S) arrives.  Very nice and pretty girl.  We go downstairs and dance a lot.  A2 and P disappear.  R, R2, B2, S and I are dancing a lot. We get into a taxi.  Go to a place with food.  Meet up with someone else (?) Go to ?’s hotel.  Hotel is crazy. I feel very drunk.  It’s very late. I leave. Get lost in hotel, hotel huge.  Take taxi home.  Get money to pay taxi.  N, M, D come home soon there after.  I’m very drunk.  Fall asleep around 6:30/7am.

Friday, Feb 7 - Fair opens at 12:00.  Get to fair, feel bad.  Quite at fair in the morning.  Talk to neighbors next door.  They are, (J,) (J2), (E), (D2), and (C).  They are all really nice.  Talk to other neighbor (A3).  People come but very quite.  Barely anyone there.  Talk to some friends, smoke cigarettes by pool.  Go back to apartment.  Get jacket.  Take cab to opening at friend (F)’s in San Rafael.  Share cab with N and (N2).  Look at show. Talk to people.  Drink tequila.  Cops come.  Cops leave.  Go to (D3) and (A4)’s house.  Get lots of beer.  Hang out for a little bit.  Cops come.  Everyone leaves.  Go with N (S2) and (S3) back to Centro.  Drop off S2 and S3 at hotel.  Go back to apt.  B arrives soon after.  Talk with N and B and then go to sleep.

Saturday, Feb 8 - Go to fair at 12:00.  Eat food.  Busier.  Talk to people about booth, talk to people in booths near me.  Walk around fair when there is quite time.  Meet (S4) and (M2).  Really like their program.  Talk to some others.  Go back to booth.  Talk to people visiting fair.  Not very busy.  Go back to apartment with (K), A and N.  B is there.  We take cab to restaurant, same as the one on Tuesday night.  Meet N’s friends (F2) and others.  K leaves and rest of us go in cabs to party.  I am drunk since drank 3 tequilas at fair when it was closing down.  Talked too much.  Party was good.  Lots of dancing.  Drank more tequila with A.  Saw friends, danced with them.  Saw new friends from Thursday night.  Danced with them.  I was very insane and was truly a spectacle this night.  Did insane things.  Don’t remember much of night but had fun.  Was nice to see everyone letting loose.  Lights on in club, go home in cab.  Pass out.

Sunday, Feb 9 - Go to fair at 12:00.  Eat McDonalds since so hung over and don’t want to be late for fair.  Eye is bruised for some reason.  Have a burn blister on finger.  Think 'WTF' a lot.  Quite day but more people then Saturday.  Talk to people about booth.  Talk to neighbors.  Feel sick.  Start feeling better at 4:00pm.  Last day of fair.  Pack up at 7:00pm.  Done by 8:00pm. Go to N’s booth.  Waiting for truck.  Talk to D3, A4, F, K, (N2) about fair and other art things.  Truck messed up.  Call car.  Waiting for car.  Car comes.  Go to N’s place.  B, D, M are there.  They help bring things in.  Exhausted.  It's around 11:00pm.  Get tacos and tortas for N, B and I.  Drink beer and sit at table with all there.  The guys smoke, I don’t smoke.  We are all talking and laughing.  We are all tired, get ready for bed around 2:00am.  Say goodbye to D, M, and B.  Everyone flying out tomorrow.
Monday, Feb 10 - Hear B getting ready to leave for flight at 6:00am.  Can’t go back to sleep.  Throat sore.  N leaves for more work.  Get up, shower, find bank, eat.  Go to Marcado.  Buy things for some people and myself.  See lots of puppies for sale at the back of the Marcado.  Feel sad.  Want the puppies.  Go back to apartment throat throbbing. N comes in, is exhausted takes nap.  I get aspirin, I eat spicy food at a marcado, I feel amazing after.  Try to find a place that sells hammocks.  Give up.  Go back to apartment.  Message D3 to see if she is around. Drank coke and sat by a fountain.  Writing this.  Waiting to go to dinner for (Y).  Hope to catch up with Y, (D4), D3, A4 and others at dinner.