Monday, February 3, 2014

Packing for an Art Fair

I’m going to Mexico City tomorrow.  I am going for an art fair.  The art fair is called Material Art Fair.  This is going to be the sic-est, fun-est, insane-est, week ever.  Below is a packing list of things I’m bringing. LOVE TO MY DF CREW.  See you fabulous mamis and papis soon.

Clothes - You have to basically pack double the amount of outfits you would usually bring on an art fair trip.  There are the ‘art fair clothes,’ things that look ‘professional’ but also something you can stand in and be comfy in for hours on end.  Lots of black and white are my defaults.  There is one special outfit for the opening VIP night.  Something a wee bit dressier but you can’t look like you are trying too hard so yeah, prepare ahead.  I try all my art fair outfits on in advance.  Head to toe from shoes to accessories.  When you are hung over and have to work another eight hours in a booth you will be thankful you don’t have to think about what you will be wearing that day.  The other set of clothes is hangout clothes.  Post fair you WILL party hard.  Comfy is key but also things that make you feel like you can go to a swank dinner or go to some crazy club.   You never know what will happen post fair hours but usually it involves many drinks so dress for both success and hard-core party mode. 

Hygiene Products - My face washing and shower regime is like a blankee for me.  Gotta keep fresh and clean so that you will be in tip-top shape.  I bring all my things in mini bottles and doing this, even while away, makes you feel like you have some bodily stability.  Favorite product at the moment in Mario Badescu’s Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream.  Eyelid amaze time. 

Art Tools - You have to have these because trying to find a hardware store, especially in a foreign land, is a mini version of hell on earth.  Bringing; Drill (cordless with extra battery), screws, level, spackle and spackle knife (cause there will be mistakes), mirco-fibre cloth (keep those framed works clean!), measuring tape, pencil, glycine, artists tape.

Stationary Etc. - Same as above, these little things make your sales efficiency soar!; Binder with artists info and pics (I know people like using ipads but I HATE ipads), pens (black, ball point and lots of them), sharpie, small tape dispenser, small stapler (both these for taking cards), business cards and holder, catalogs for artists, red dots (sales baby sales).

Art - Can’t forget the art!

Gifts - Small things for friends in the city you are visiting is always the best way to re-meet.

Books - You probably won’t read them because you will be too busy or too hungover but it’s nice to think you may have some down time.

Music - Always.

Computer - I wish they could just be the future ones where they hover in the air.  Such a drag to have to bring a compy around with you but it is necessary. 

Money - Exchanging currency in the states makes you ready to go right away and also saves on all those transaction fees.

Bathing Suit - I always, always pack a bathing suit, even if I was going to Antarctica I would pack one.  One never knows when water fun will be in the mix. 

Medicine - Headache, poop and other things you may be prone to should always be on hand. 

Passport - Don’t be fucked at the airport ya’ll.

Phone - Some people get an international number.  I don’t.  I think it’s just fine to be sorta hard to reach and others are flexible with this.  Wifi lifestyle hard in DF.  Make sure to turn your data roam off!  Cool thing though is that you can use Google Maps and it doesn’t charge.  Amaze. 

Chocolate - Need for when I want to punch someone in the face but know I’m just cranky from low sugar levels.

Map of subway - I screen grab this on my phone.  You will use it.  You will need it.  You will thank me for having it. 

Calendar - There is SO much happening in one week that a calendar is essential so you don’t forget or miss out on all the hoopla. 

Shoes - Related to clothes but this is a bit harder since you have to be strategic about what you bring.  They gotta match outfits and also you need relax shoes but shoes are big and you have to pack sparingly.  I wish shoes could shrink.

Extra bag - When it all ends, you will shop.  You deserve to shop.  Shop for yourself or for near and dears and bring a bag of goodies back to the NYC.