Monday, May 19, 2014

If You’re Going to San Francisco

(Sorry for weird formatting, can't get things to work in the SF :( will change back in NYC)

I’ve been in San Francisco for one week and I’ve been on site for work so much that I barely got to see this city.  There are a few things that I smushed in but overall I saw so little of SF that I have nothing of substance to remark upon.  I did see some things and liked many things and below are a few things I liked enough or actually experienced enough of take note of.  Sorry this is phoned in, working ~12+ hours a day for 8 days makes even the busiest bee pooped.

Animals - On this trip I saw lots of animal friends but I really loved seeing the seals in the bay.  Seals are the cutest thing ever! I wish I could hug them.  I also saw a skunk.  It was fun to see a skunk.  They are cute and shy.

Wind - Yo, but seriously, this city is super windy. Seems like… overwhelming.

Blue Barn - I love the salads here.  Nearly perfect food for me.

Architecture - The buildings are mostly short and have so much charm.  Art Deco mixed with casual Spanish recall and ornamentation on windowsills and rooftops that are to die for. 

Rent - Everyone says how rent here is like rent in NYC.  I don’t know why that seemed like such a statement to make.

Mission - Went there for a wee bit.  I get it, young people hang out there.

Food - SF brings it in the food department.  Lots of produce and this city is so left of center that they have banned foie gras in the entire city.

Rich People - There are a lot of them and they like living right next to each other.

Art - I didn’t get to see any museums or galleries sadly but I want to come back in 2016 for when SFMOMA unveils its new home. 

Friends - I got to see some friends and special people and that made this trip worth it.

Uber - The one and only way to get from A to B with any ease.

Nature - You can just feel it more all over here then in NYC.  Makes you realize how much that it changes you, the feeling of a place. 

Provincial - Not in a bad way per se, there is total charm to it in some regards but yeah, the levels of engagement, criticism, taste making seems firmly rooted in a way that seems content in the status quo.