Monday, June 23, 2014

Yes, No, Maybe So

I had insomnia.  I had a busy weekend.  I partied too hard.  I can’t think and the extent of my thinking elasticity is reserved to ‘yes, no, maybe’ reactions to life.  Below are things that are in my brain zone and what my auto piloted brain is feeling towards it.

YES - Sam Lipp and Luis Miguel Bendaña, “Feeling Languid” at Malraux’s Place – June 23.  These are some of the best bebes from Chicago land and they are doing a show at the uber cool Sebatian Black’s space.  It’s one of those if you don’t go to the opening you probably wont go at all type of things so go if you can even though it is in the commute doom gloom Gowanus/Sunset Park hood.

YES - World Cup: Soccer Players Are Hot. P.S. They Have The Craziest Hair.

NO - Pipeline thing at Jacob Riis: Boo to pipelines and making the ocean a parking lot for energy suckage.

YES – Hot mug shot guy.  If there are going to be memes out there they might as well be of super attractive guys with blue eyes.

NO – Warehouse parties.  Why do I go? Why?

MAYBE – Sigmar Polk at MoMA, saw it but it really was just like…

MAYBE – “Suppedaneum” at Grand Century, June 28 – Big ups to everyone involved in this but I just have to be honest, pretty untantalized by the friends showing friends showing friends sort of shows.

YES – Kkakdui – Cabbage kimchi’s much squarer (literally cubed) radish kimchi.  The best.

YES – Jeff Koons at the Whitney, Duh.

NO – Jeff Koons nekid photo in Vanity Fair. Gross dude.

YES – Summer. Take me, bake me, roll me in the sand.

NO – Large crowds.

MAYBE – BBQs.  They seem fun but are they really? Are THEY really?!

YES – Pedicures. Summer feet, keep it neat.  Love that I see more guys donning hues on their toes.

YES – Basil. Basil, basil, I love you. 

NO – Alcohol, bye-bye darling for a wee bit or longer.  You make me feel like an unproductive slug bug.  

YES – Tennis.  Let’s play rn.

YES – Babies.  They are so cute in their summer gear.

YES – Ice cream walks.  Walking just to get ice cream.

MAYBE – Double dating.  Is that actually fun?

NO – Heavy blankets.  That thing where you have your heavy ass winter blanket on your bed still even though you know it’s going to be hot for the next three months.

NO – Gossip.  Please people, if you’re going to do it, don’t get caught.  And if you get caught, don’t cry about it.

YES – True Detective. Gave me nightmares.

YES – Susan Miller.  I am so clueless about my life path right now that she is like a bible guide to my calendar.  Lord knows what July will bring. 

YES – Short hair.  Loving it.

NO – Sunglasses. I wear them cause the sun is bright  and all up in your face sometimes but just really not into them as an aesthetic projection.

NO – New York.  Love ya but I gotta leave you.  Doing that whole set you free bird returns blah blah blah thing.