Monday, July 14, 2014

Because Sometimes There is Just Bigger Things in Life

I just-just-just sat down after being away, working mostly, for two weeks straight.  I am tired, New York is muggy and I must-must-must hang out with my bae, the cats and acclimate to being home. So yes, this week’s post has little going on in the way of “art.”

Anyways… As I said last week, I was just in the Hamptons.  All that ‘Hamptons Life,’ blah blah is so beyond dull to me and is actually repellent in many ways.  The art world is very familiar with ‘elite’ the ‘exclusive’ wadda wadda, but being in it (art world) and places like the Hamptons gives stark contrast to the other half.  The other half has many degrees as well though.  There are those that are like most Americans, middle to upper middle class, went to college have distinct bundles of histories, problems and life scope things to deal with that inform and create the person they are and will be.  Then there are those that are in a starker setting and have more complicated situations.  Their lives are about matters of life and death more often then it ever should be.

You interact with these degrees of people in various ways. You hear stories about it second hand or first account if you have a certain quality to yourself to learn about other’s stories.  Then there are all those times we see from the outside, through video, through the internet, through this or that device, post or site. 

Last night, as I was decompressing from another long day of work I was noodling around the world wide web and I came across a video of men digging rubble frantically. You could tell it was a building quickly because they were excavating large pieces of concrete and there was this powder of pulverized cement in the hole and in the air.  You knew quickly that they were digging for something, someone.  It had to be someone because it was with such desperation and need that they were digging.  Then after a few minutes you see something under this pile of ruble and pulverized dust.  You see a baby’s head.  You see that it is lifeless.  A man starts giving the baby mouth to mouth.  They keep digging.  They don’t want to injure the baby.  The man keeps giving mouth to mouth.  They dig more.  The baby starts moving.  It is rubbing its eyes a lot.  The man is rubbing its belly and wiping its face. They continue to dig.

This video is a video shot by rebel forces in Syria after bombings by Assad’s forces in Aleppo.  This video made me stop and think about a lot of things and it has stuck with me all day. 

I know that terrible things happen and will continue to happen for eternity but it is  necessary to remember that the world we live in is big and it is full or terrors and hopes.  The art world, the Hamptons, they are all apart of this world, and I am not saying that it shouldn’t exist.  I do think that we/I should try to every now and then remember that there is just so much more to being alive right here, right now then just the worlds we usually seclude ourselves in or strive for.

So, I will possibly depress some of you/maybe already have, but I will leave you now with the above described video.  It wrenched my heart and made me hopeful all at the same time.