Monday, July 7, 2014

Brain Farts


Ugg oh may gawd, it’s Monday and guess where I am? The Hamptons that’s where and guess what I’m doing? Working so yeah here I am and I just got back from guess where? Chicago.  That’s right I was just in Chicago and got back Saturday night and now I’m here in the Hamptons and I only got to see my cats for 18 hours in between.  Since that, because of this, I am in nooooo shape to actually think or even have time to think. So this week you get to enjoy a pile of a post that is made up with my brain farts because that is all I have in my head today.

iphones suck - my phone is garbage, it says I only have 5MG left, impossible.  I have like the least amount of things on my phone of anyone I know.  Like I’m an old person with an i-phone.  I can’t connect my itunes to my phone even.  Tear rolls down cheek.  I tried to clear up ‘storage’ but that made everything disappear like my reminders and notes and shit.  Really don’t ‘get’ this ‘iphone’ thing. 

Pilsen - I went there, it was nice. I had some char-grilled chicken at a Mexican place that was yummy but then made my tummy hurt.  Are arty neighborhoods just where Mexican/Hispanic people live now?  Seems…

Hamptons - Like seriously.  Seriously people. Really?  Just the blah-est place ever.

Interns - Oh My God Get Out Of My Face!

Marni The Dog - Oh My God I Love You!

Summer Sex - Fun but man does it get sweaty. Sigh. Life is hard.

Couples - Ugggggg.  I’m in a thing but for real. Ugggggg.

Art Institute of Chicago museum - Very interesting pieces here though a sorta weird building design.

Chicago Houses - Wanna wanna one.

Lakes, Pools - They be okay but nothing beats the big bad ass Ocean.

Bugs - Why do they want to eat you?  Why!?

Henry James - Giving it that old college try.
Exs As Friends - Sometimes good, sometimes not so good, but always, always awkward in the presence of the new sig other.

Money - How do I get more of it without being a total piece of shit?

Trees - Dope

Chipmunks - Dope

Frogs - Dope

Glasses - I need that laser thing rn.

Sex and Death - That’s all there is and ever will be.

Croquette - Love it!

Instagram - That thing where a sorta well known artist/person starts following you and they like a bunch of things and then you think ‘I hope he’s not jacking off to my pics’ and then you think ‘no way!’ and then you think 'but wow some of these girls are so gross on here.'

Idiots on email - Why can’t you understand the words I type? Why?

Cra-zy People - Because you dress ‘weird’ or ‘act weird’ does not mean you are better, more interesting. But yes, sometimes it does.

Normal People - I feel awful about it but I have just about zero patience for people who just go along to get along.  Zero. Zero patience.

Pealing Skin - Damn you sun and damn you body.

Baccio - Hazelnut gelati from Fortunato Brothers is possibly the only thing that would make me happy at this moment.