Monday, July 21, 2014

Summer Time Food Shopping

Shisho leaves (smiling)

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! GUESS WHAT?! (what?) I quit my day job so now I am summer bunny bumming it until mid September.  Amaze and also very very scary for my near and dears because moi with that many frees hours a day, a week, two whole months is going to make me a jumping bean inside a soda can.  Anyways! It's day one and it feels awesome.  So awesome that I haven’t eaten all day.  It’s 3:20pm people. So yeah all I can think about is FOOD and all I care about it FOOD and I will do this post while my rice cooks so then I will have FOOD. 

So to take up space,  I am going to now list for you all the amazing food I just bought at the Park Slope Food Co-op, of which I am a proud member for ~10 years.  Why would you care about this?  You don’t but hey my blog, my world.  Hope you are all having fab-u-lous and delicious summers and please buzz me if you are whiling away your days as well or if you need a helping hand with a project, life, universe, all that jazz. 

Bill Total = $138.78

Petguard Dry Cat Food - This is a new brand, I hope my cats are pissed.

World’s Best Cat Litter - Truly the best, you can flush it and it is good for cats (no silica!) and it doesn’t make your apt smell like that horrible ‘eww you got cats’ smell.

Bell & Even’s Whole Chicken - Eating a whole chicken may be the best thing ever.

Udi’s Bagels Plain, Gluten Free - For the bea.

Annie’s Shells Cheddar White - For when I am really depressed or more likely really hung over.

Bionature Penne Rigate Gluten Free, Organic - For the bea.

Murry’s Chicken Legs, Non-Gmo - I learned how to make chicken legs/theighs on the skillet so you don’t have to turn the oven on and it is a very yummy and a super easy thing to do.

Murray’s Chicken Wing, Non-Gmo - For the roommate.

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Milk, Original Unsweetened - I want to make mashed potatoes soon and also to have ice-ice cold chocolate milk.

Zoe Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Good, everyday olive oil is a MUST.

Beurremont Butter 83% Cultured - Good butter is a MUST.

Bread Alone Organic Peasent Bread - This is my favorite bread.  Eating a good slice of bread is like getting your eyelids messaged.

Bearito Taco Shells Yellow - Tac-o niiight.

Sole, Queso Oaxaca - This is no where near close to what is in DF but it’s aight.

Cheddar, Sharp NYS - Fresh made local cheese is a MUST.

Onions, 3 lb bag - I sautee a lot of onions.

Olives, 5 type mix - No overpriced tapas bar will ever match these olives.

Bean Kidney Red Organic NYS - Dry beans are extra work but worth the effort!

Broccoli, Organic Bunch - Sometimes you just want broccoli all the time.

Nature’s Yoke Eggs - Perfect protein.

Nasoya Tofu Silken Organic - For my diy version of a Korean spicy tofu stew.

Carrots - Always.

Nectarines, Yellow - Trying to get as many as I can while in season.

Sink Strainer - Think someone threw the old one out the other week. :(

Soothing Touch Lip Balm, Vegan Unscented - Fave lip balm at the moment.  But loz re: putting 'Vegan' all over the tube.

Garlic, Organic - Always.

Onions, Red - Summer salad magic.

Coffee French Roast Organic - Iced coffee crave.

Cabbage Red Organic - One head of cabbage lasts forever.  Like it haunts your fridge. h-a-u-n-t-s it.

Potatoes, Yukon Gold - I want mashed potatoes!

Shisho Bunch Organic - This is also know as sesame leaves.  They are rarely in season/ hard to find.  They have this in some sushi dishes and I go crazy for it.  Going to eat it with the rice after this is done.  Amazing leaf tongue magic.

Kale Purple Stem Organic - A more interested version of the common kale.

Basil - YESSSSS.

Yellow Squash - Good for just about every sort of dish.

Kirby Cucumbers Organic - Really not into those long seedy cucumbers.  Kirbys are crisp and cute.

Jalapeno Peppers - Because I like spicy food on the regular.

Tomatoes Organic - I am a tomato freak.  So excited they are edging into season!

Corn - Love it.

Scallions Organic - They look giant and I love them in just about everything or as a nearby garnish.

Dill Organic - MASHED POTATOES! Also fish.  v. good with fishes.