Monday, September 8, 2014

LES Openings: Andy Coolquitt, Heather Guertin, Eternal September, Darja Bajagić

Andy Coolquitt, ruby44 From ga Age Over 60 Gender Female 
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No (detail), 2013, Fabric, metal, electric cable, and lightbulbs

Andy Coolquitt: somebody place - Lisa Cooley

A new collection of works by the agreeable Coolquitt that seems a bit over placed but still has the quirky, nice guy quality that makes his work so easy to digest.  Less color, more textures and a general sense of quick experimentation of material to form were refreshing to see although this drive for variety gave the show an all over feeling that may have been better served if edited more carefully.  If you like Coolquitt, this is a safe bet and if you really-really like Coolquitt, this may seem a bit too vague. Perhaps this is just an excising of possibilities though and the next time there will be more focus to allow that tender subtly of his work to shine through.

Heather Guertin, Development - Brennen & Griffin

Guertin’s first solo show at this gallery is uniform in scale and has a feeling of direct reference to abstract paintings’ past.  Darker in hue and more opaque then previous works this new series is lacking in a luster that makes Guertin’s brush and use of color so exciting.  Use of eye forms were distracting to this viewer but perhaps that’s just a simple matter of taste.  Linked in video from her upcoming book, “Not Yet Titles, Cambodia” displaying typing of text from this novel seemed disconnected and perhaps unnecessary.  Guertin is a painters painter and she proves that every effort at it is accumulative, a process and there is an appreciated beauty in that alone even if the current product seems distracted.

Eternal September, Bradley Kronz, Jason Matthew Lee, Mary Ann Aitken, Oto Gillen, Valerie Keane - Tomorrow
This new space is doing some of the same that usually occurs at small new spaces in the Lower East Side but it was still a nice show to peak into and to measure the future vibe of this gallery.  This group show, with a conceptually wide theme, had all the things of success, bright lights, and heavy emphasis on the monochrome, mostly in the black, white, and beige variety.  This was the only show seen last night though that had me asking, “who’s work is that?” to a pair of lovely paper, collage, minor assemblaged works by Bradley Kronz.  They were very nice indeed. That being said, there is something to look forward to in Tomorrow’s upcoming shows, even a little bit of surprise and visual freshness is better then none.

Darja Bajagić, C6ld C6mf6rt - Room East

A solo exhibition of this intriguing artist who has a love it or hate it aesthetic that incorporates found, often times pornographic, images with a system of bounding forms, in this case  it is black squares and rectangles to create hidden narrativized possibilities.  There is a calculated coolness in these works that may possibly haze over actual content but it is true to say that these look very different then what most art being made currently looks like, and that is something to chew over.  There is a crudeness to the material uses that doesn’t seem to be by choice and that seems slightly unforgivable in the case of Bajagić’s possibilities to meet her potential.  Someone give this artist a large budget and then let’s see what she can really do.