Monday, September 22, 2014

London, First Impressions

Hi there.  For those of you that don’t know, I’m in London.  I’ve been here for less then a week but it feels like a lifetime.  Since I have been here it’s like I have been on vacation, because of circumstances and settings.  But soon, I’ll be a full-fledged visa certified resident going to school here for the next year.  Why am I going to school at my advanced age? Haaaa! Gawd only knows.  But that aside for the moment I want to squeeze in this post because hell hath no fury like a Monday with YaYaYa.

Frankly dears, I am pooppppppppeeeed.  You know that feeling when you are acting like a tourist and squeezing in everything and then some to your days and nights?!  I can barely stand or keep my eyes open.  This is in advance of the I don’t know what is about to come next in this post.  So bare with me, next week I promise I will be chop full of thoughtful London insights.  For now, I give you a very dashed off list of some first impressions.  And remember what they say about first impressions…

Art – Fabulous! All the museums are actually free which is just amaze and they have sooo many of them and it’s England which like took over everywhere so there is a lot of things from all those places they took over.  They are spread out so it’s a one venue a day type of thing.  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed with the Tate Modern.  I did NOT like the way they exhibit/install/curate their collections.  I have to give it some more time to think about exactly why that is.  They have a Malevich retro on view (which you have to pay 14 pounds for) and I have to admit it sort of confirmed my blasé feeling forward him and all that.  But anyways. Art yes, so much and so excited to see more in the big and small scales.

Food – I have yet to eat fish and chips, bangers and mash, and a motley crew of blood things and I am in no rush to and that darlings is perfectly fine.  London is super amaze cosmopolitan and has sooo many various ethnic groups and they rep hard with their cuisine.  It is sort of different then how it is in NYC, it feels very private, openly secret, there is less faux melting pot like there is in the city.  The best meal I have had was at a Persian restaurant called Kish off the Maida Vale stop. AMAAAZE! I also went to some NYTimes reviewed places and they were good but Kish gets it #1 even if it will take over an hour away from where I will end up living.  Sadness but I will definitely trek out to eat their incredible food.

Underground – OMG I really really really do not like London’s underground, overground, busses, etc.  DIE, DIE, DIE. I will never complain about NYC subway/bus systems ever again.  London’s underground is claustrophobic, dirty ass fabric, knees touching knees close, no AC, hot underground vent air, bullet penis shuttle feel. Smelly, things always stuck or delayed or not working. Is either really fast, which is great, or very slow which is like soul sucking.  I truly hate it.  And it’s expensive! And you still end up having to walk like twenty mins to where you wanna go. DIE!

Style – London people dress well, better in some ways then in NYC but in this weird generic “cool” way which is like annoying.  Girls are cute, boys are very cute. People are cute.  They seem a bit to catalog but meh, they are trying.  Maybe that’s what I don’t like about it.  They look great but it’s like they tried to look great.  NYC bebes be like, and what, I eat a bagel and I’m not even sure what shoes I got on.  Sorta love that vibe more. Meh.

Accents – Kewt but sorta almost over it (it’s been less then a week!) sigh.

Money – Yo but seriously people, it is WAYYY more expensive in London then in NYC.  Like omgawd what?  Cheap rents, living in the ass far part of  the city, are around $1,200-$1,700.  There are all these taxes like council tax and stuff.  Plus, even broke bitches have a cleaner so that’s like another $40 a month and then that stupid train which is like $3.50-$4.00 per ride! And the a coffee is like $2.50.  And everything is in pounds so your like, ah that’s not too bad 1.5 pounds for a small cup of coffee but man the exchange is 1.67 to the $1 so like 400 pounds is like close to 800 dollars! Scary. Imma just eat those amazing orange yolk eggs they sell off the shelf for every meal.