Monday, July 27, 2015

Summer Detox

So I was up till 7am the other night/day doing an illegal substance and the night before that I was dancing till 3am and walked myself home in uncomfortable shoes thus giving me blisters. And basically for the last few weeks I've been on in a bit of a spazzing whirl of drinking, talking, hanging out and aimless partying. It's fun but I'm not 20-something anymore so I'm drained and need to detox in major and minor ways.

It's the summer, albeit in London it's maybe 70, and most usually grey (why London why?!). But yeah, things are slower in the summer and it's a good time to chill and zen oneself out.

Me and a friend have made a detox pact for the next week. I know a week seems like nothing but trust me, it's a lifetime to us. Below are things I will detox and avoid for the next week and possibly even longer. Sometimes to rest the body one has to have a stringent regime. Join in. Cleanse and get healthy.

Meat – I used to be a strict vegetarian for over 15 years and then my stomach went bad and I basically couldn't eat most things including beans and legumes. Now I eat meat on occasion and I like the way it tastes but yeah, animals. Love the animals and eating them is killing them so yeah, going to maybe re-think being a strict vegetarian again. Maybe.

Smoking – I just had hypno-therepy to stop smoking. I have smoked all weekend since then but truly, weirdly, I actually think about smoking differently. Mint green is apparently going to stop me from being a dumb ass who smokes. Need to surround myself with mint green asap.

Men – Like, Ugggggggggggg. But seriously British guys. Uggg. Yes, yes, yes all guys are like 5-10 years emotionally younger then women everywhere in the world but wow... British guys have this petrified vagueness of emotional capacity that makes it all just so tedious. Or maybe I've just forgotten what it's like to date guys in New York which as I recall was just about the worst thing ever and I vowed never to do again. Meh, me and my boy angst has been consistent since I was 13.

Performance Art – I just can't anymore.

Poetic(ish) Press Releases – Everyone please stop. It was interesting for about 2 months in late 2013. Please write things that make the show more graspable because most of the time it could really use it.

Alcohol – Fun when you are fun. Depressing when you are depressed.

Ferns/plants/chairs in a bare room – The plant, minimal design, white, Japan meets Sweden vibe is like the florescent light of interior aesthetic. Over it.

Social Media – Our fingers are breaking our brains and making us emotionally handicapped.

Sugar – It's like crack cocaine for your body and your brain.

Caffeine – I've been caffeine free for 6 months since I'm allergic to it but I can't recommend it enough. It makes us crazzzzy, especially women. Seriously it will change your wiring.

Birth Control – It's a wonder of science and female empowerment but it is also pretty terrible in other ways and it totally changes the relationship one has with their body. It's like an automatic versus a manual car. It's that different.

Spending Money – Sometimes I just don't think one needs anything anymore.

Brooding – Apparently if you walk in nature for a while versus just walking in the city your chances of having lingering brooding thoughts reduces. I do this without even knowing of this study and I know many that could benefit from this. Walk in the woods my friends.

Shitty People – I'm pretty good at not putting up with shitty people but sometimes you get stuck with them and yeah, I just don't have even a sliver of patience for that right now. Also, I think being 'not a shitty person' yourself/myself is something to always work on.

Shitty Vibes – Same as above but with general atmosphere/location focus. Leave it if you must, transform it if you can.

Drugs – Obvi

Events – I feel like my life is a series of attending events and they are fun and worth it sometimes but other times they are just a weird calender/structure for a possibly vapid life. How else to interact and meet new people though? I want to engage with people differently but not sure what feels right/works.

Repetitions – I basically have an addict brain/personality. Hence this need for a detox. I get addicted to people, ideas, thoughts, substances, and feelings. This is generative and makes me sorta crazy in good ways but it is also obviously very detrimental in others. Breaking repetitions is hard. It is vulnerable and against a nature that is partly biology and partly habit. Breaking it is essential though. Stopping to pause will produce more energy then the frenetic uselessness of looping diminished returns.