Monday, August 3, 2015

Summer Haikus


Having a life come down at the moment and can’t think more then syllabically so yeah, haikus seem fitting for the minimalness of strain but also to function as a language warm up tool.

Ciao for now.

At the library
All I am thinking about
Is washing my hair

Agnes Martin is
Not Japanese but she wants
To be Japanese

Inspired by clouds
Clean, crisp taste the bottle says
It’s filled with tap water

When talking to me
His body language was tight
Hard to look at him

Everyone I know
Has to wake up each morning
Until they are dead

A cat named Chicken
Has big paws and crooked tail
We feed him tuna

Thinking about art
Is like thinking about art
Blank and clean and cold

Want to dye my hair
Platinum blonde or lavender
A girl named Cait can

Sometimes with my friends
I feel my heart exploding
Make me laugh I cry

He liked nail polish
He liked to read books and box
We are strangers now

Doing speed is bad
Makes you feel like a worn sack
Existential doom

Holly, Roland, Jack
Shiny stars in the garden
Top forty radio

Where are all the punks
To make this world bearable
They all have websites

Keep thinking it is
The year two thousand sixteen
Erasing the date

Being friends with you
Is like watching the water
There is nothing there

Friday will be hot
Maybe go to Hampstead Heath
But will still feel sad

All the smart people
Are crazy and beautiful
Do yoga and smoke

Most people I dislike
Had parents who were very kind
I try to like them

Sometimes when people
Say The Singularity
I want to punch them

I’ve never dated
An artist or curator
Give me a big prize

Boys who cry for girls
Makes me want to bake a cake
A surprise party

Everyone I know
Is extremely attractive
I could kiss them all

Pretend to be cool
Surround yourself with coolness
Wake up hung over

I own eight websites
But only use four of them
Boring aesthetics

When I am forty
I hope to have accomplished
Something more then this

Walking in the park
Make up a song about you
Cry and call Alex

Ate a tomato
Then chocolate covered raisins
Erika is cool

People love Duchamp
Because they have nothing else
Married for money

Looked on Instagram
Flower, cat, beach, group of friends
He lives in New York

Being far away
Makes people think of you more
Do cats think the same

Looked at a painting
Would rather be at a park
Silent or talking

When I leave London
I will throw a big party
And probably cry