Tuesday, September 22, 2015

About Love: Guest Post by Holly Hayward and Ed Fornieles

Dear Readers,

I’m in LA. I just realized it was Monday. I have been in the sun and having fun and dining and canoodeling with friends. So with this in mind I have invited my housemates in this city to tell tales of love that have been on their minds the last couple of days.

For dictation clarification: Holly Hayward = HH, Ed Fornieles = EF

HH – Yesterday in Venice I saw love bugs for the first time in my life and I felt love emanating from them and since then I’ve felt loved up.

EF – At the moment I am experimenting with love of geometry. As a numbing mechanism. The best way to talk about love is talking French. The French get away with so much. Versus English when you vocalize subtitles you sound like an idiot.

HH – Michael is best mates with Lucy Lui and she said "I’m having a baby and I’m picking up in five days time." She was such a bitch to me so I don’t mind.

EF – Sagittarius getting back to the age of Aquarius. You know that song? I’m an Aries. A lot of them are surfacing in my life.

HH – You know what I do love? The Jets. My love for the Jets is growing. Today I was watching the match and after the game one of the guys drop kicked and came back on the pitch with a suit and incredible Italian loafers and I thought that was a good look. I love the Jets. I think they are my new boyfriend.

EE – I love eating after not having food for a long time. Don’t write this down. But this feeling. Leaving so many gaps between meals. Particularly good was a ham sandwich. A special market mustardy loveliness. And a salmon salad. Steamed I would say.

HH – I did really love Michael’s weed vaporizer with the oil. It was a realized high all day. It was pleasantly happy all day. It was great.

EE - I love my addictions and my main addiction is watching films. I’m rocked to bed by some obscure anime.

HH – My first love. Probably trolls. No koalas. I was proud of my troll collection. Also my sticker collection.

EE – My first love. My mind goes to the stickers you got from the dentist. My older sister's best friend I would fantasize about her and sexual role play with her with my friend. Edmund. I was 4.

HH – I’ll tell you what I do love. I’m obsessed with this coconut conditioner. It leaves your hair so silky and smells so nice.

EE – Erratic driving like playful acceleration and driving to the soundtrack of Ratatouille. The soundtrack is fantastic. It turns your commute into an adventure.