Monday, October 12, 2015

All The Numbers on My Phone

I’m too depressed to blog. Instead I’m going to do this really weird thing where I write a list of everyone who is on my phone (people’s whose actual phone numbers I have). I don’t really call people and message them on one thing or the other instead but yeah. Numbers. Phone. Talking to people.

Who cares. Here goes.

I will only go by memory/not look at numbers or recent calls etc. I will omit last names for privacy.

P.S. Wow after I just did this I realized how many people I don’t remember who they are and also how long and boring this was so sorry in advance! Yikes!


Aaron – Used to work with him. We never got along.
Abby – Artist NYC.
Adam H – Friend-ish.
Adam J – Collector, guitarist in big metal band.
Adam T – Friend, photographs things in NYC. Has cute family.
Albert C – No idea
Alejandro – Rented a room from him in Mexico City (I think)
Alex I – Artist NYC.
Allie – Former co-worker
Amanda S – Former co-worker
Amber C – Not sure
Amber V – Sorta friends
Ambre – Runs art thing
Amy – Old roommate from college. Likes bunnies.
Andrew G – Goes out with Ambre V.
Andrew R – One of my besties, adore.
Andrew S – Used to go to collage, lives in LA.
Andrew W – Used to date. Poet.
Andu – Roommate, great hair.
Ann D – Stayed at her place when first arrived in LDN.
Anne H – Artist, lives in LA. Funny.
Anna K – Artist, seems very zen.
April H – Used to sorta work together.
Arielle – Friend from NYC.
Arielle G – Stayed in my apartment once.
Art Market – Old job.
Ash – Went to same college. See him in Berlin/NYC randomly.
Aunt Helen – My great aunt Helen.


Ben – Artist and friend, Coney Island.
Ben K – Artist and vague friend.
Ben K – Lives in LA. Very handsome. Not my type.
Ben R – Sews things.
Beth – Friend in NYC, has cute doggie, makes books.
Beth Israel – Doctor NYC
Bill – Artist (I think).
Bobby – Used to work with.
Brad T – Artist NYC.
Bradford – Runs film project.
Bradford K – Artist NYC, nice moustache.
Brook – Not sure.
Brooke – Lives in London. Tall.


Cameron – Not sure
Car – No idea what this is
Carmines – Best pizza where I used to live in BK
Casper – Artist, writer London, wears good earrings and hats.
Charlie W – Friend London, good beard.
Chloe – Artist, Chicago, wish we actually hung out more.
Chris H – Artist NYC but shows in LDN
Chris L – Artist, Cali.
Chris S – Art handler
Christopher - Writer NYC.
Cindy – Chinatown real estate contact and translator for old landlord.
Cinzia – Went to collage, haven’t seen in years.
Claire  - Went to collage, haven’t seen in years.
Cody – Friend NYC, PhD Renaissance Literature.
Colin – Just met in LA, seems fun and crazy.
Conner – Sweet guy from the Midwest. Tall.
Coop – Food Coop
Corey – Upstairs neighbor.  Not sure if he’s still in Dubai?


Dad – Dad
Dan L – Former co-worker
Daniel – Nephew
Daniel L – Artist, twin.
Daniel S – Artist, LDN, keeps weird hours.
Danika – Girl from Philly, smoked a lot.
Darlene – Used to be friends in college, haven’t seen in years.
Dave – Ex-boyfriend’s friend.
David F – Friend of Ex.
David F – Model/Artist.
David V – Does vinyl for shows.
Dd – Dunkin Donuts, so I can complain about the music in old BK apt.
Dean – Not sure.
Denesh – LDN, never actually hung out one-on-one.
Dennis – Not sure.
Dentist – Dentist.
Derek – Artist NYC, red hair.
Desi – Artist NYC.
Diana – Cousin’s wife
Doc S – Doctor in Greenpoint
Dora – Artist/Friend NYC. Xo
Drew O – Artist Chicago, woof.
DV – Friend, teal colors.


Ed – Artist LA, Missoni.
Ej – Friend of old friend.
Eliot M – Shipper
Elizabeth – Artist NYC (I think)
Ella – Friend LDN. Classy. Xo
Emilio – Electrician NYC
Envoy – Old work
Erika – Artist, Music. Xo
Erin – Not sure.
Eugene – Dated for 2 months. Films.


Felix M – Artist LDN, good dancer.
Florence F – Mother of artist.
Frances – Artist LDN.
Frank – Friend/Artist NYC.


Gia – Former Co-worker
Grant – Contractor


Harry S – Artist LDN, now in Berlin. Cooks well.
Hayley – Artist NYC.
Heather G – Artist NYC. Good writer.
Hillary - Facialist
Holly – Bestie in LDN. Fanta queen. Xo
Home – Parent’s
Horace – Landlord LDN


Iain – Artist LDN.
Isabelle – Artist LDN.


Jack – Friend and homeboy in LDN. Kiwi.
James J – Artist NYC, wears suits.
James L – Bebe lives in NYC again.
James S – Not sure. Maybe gallerist NYC.
Jamian – Artist NYC.
Jamie F – Artist think lives in LA.
Jane – Ex’s friend. Went to her wedding ages ago.
Jared – Artist/First/Only Tinder date. Oi.
Jason – Not sure which one.
Jason L – Artist Chicago.
Jean – Old upstairs neighbor.
Jeff – Think friend from college.
Jeff B – Homeboy from Venice Beach. Adore.
Jen C – Not sure.
Jen – I think from LA.
Jennifer – Not sure which one.
Jesse H – Annoying art/music guy
Jesse S – Young artist LA. Euro vibes.
Jimi – Old boss. Xx
Joe – Cats chill in his studio sometimes.
Joel – I think artist in NYC.
Johnny – Old friend from home.
Jon L. – Weirdo writer.
Jong O – Artist NYC.
Joseph M – Artist French.
Joseph W – Former friend.
Josh B – Artist LDN
Joshua S – Artist NYC
Justin B – Artist NYC, grills well.


Kabir – Went on a few dates years ago.
Kait – Old co-worker
Kasia – LDN girl, never hung out.
Kat – Old housemate LDN, great hair.
Katie – Not sure
Katrine – Accountant
Kavi – Old friend, lost touch, scientist.
Kaylee – Old friend, lost touch.
Kelly – Sister in law
Kelly P – Sorta worked with.
Kevin B – Web designer LA.
Kevin C – Artist/writer NYC, good headbands.
Kevin L – Artist NYC.
Korouem – Never met IRL.
Kristie – Artist Canada, photos sic.
Kristopher – Old housemate LDN
Krit – Artist, Thai.
Kylie – Artist Detroit.
Kyo – Girl from NYC, seems sweet, wish knew better.


Laura – Used to work with, Italian.
Laura A – Not sure.
Lauren C – Not sure.
Leigha – Artist NYC, big eyes.
Lesley B – Cutie used to live in LA. PhD in dance stuff.
Leslie – Old roommate NYC.
Leslie K – Friend Artist LDN. Hugs.
Liz – Old friend from home.
Lucy – Not friends anymore.
Lucy C – Lives in LA.
Lyndsy – Friend/Artist NYC.


M - Godmother
Maddy – Niece
Maja – Artist/Friend NYC. Xo
Maria – Artist/Friend LDN. Xo
Marin – Cousin
Marisa – Old friend, not in touch.
Mary – Not sure
Matilda – Not sure
Matthew – Used to date, Music.
Max F – Ex-boss-ish
Max S – Poet NYC.
Melanie – Old shift leader at co-op
Melissa – Artist NYC. Sic.
Michael – Brother
Michael M – Artist LA.
Michael R – Gallerist Berlin.
Mike – Berlin
Mike P – Former co-worker
Milano – Artist/friend LA. Wish lived in same place. Xo
Miles – Friend BK – Hikes.
Mindy – Artist Chicago.
Miona – Lives in Berlin
Molly – Went to college. Think nurse now?
Mom – Mom
Murat – Dealer NYC
Mustafa – Not sure


Napalitano – Old pharmacy BK
Nathan – Not sure
Nathan W – Chess and piano
NHS – Doc UK
Niall – Artist Canada
Nicholas – Nephew
Nick D – Artist NYC
Nick F – Used to go to collage. Not in contact.
Nick S – Super in BK
Nico – Artist Friend DF. Xo.
Nichole S – Friend NYC.
Noah – Artist NYC.
Norm – Artist NYC.


Olie – Friend-ish UK
Olivia – Artist/Friend NYC
Olivia S – San Fran
Oskar – Artist Norway


Patrick M – Cousin
Paul – Friend’s Ex
Penny – Ex-boss. Xo
Pete – Brother
Peter S – Artist NYC
Phil – Not sure
Photi – Gallerist NYC
PKG – Old work
Pocahontas – Shipper NYC
PPOW – Old work


Qian – Not sure


Rachel – Friend NJ?
Rachel – Not sure
Rachel M – Artist NYC
Rbt – Artist South now NYC I think.
Rebecca – Artist/Friend NYC. Xo.
Rob C – Artist LDN, sic videos.
Robyn – Cousin
Rod – Ex-boss LDN
Roland – Friend, LDN good cook.
Ron – Ex-boss NYC
Rosario – Curator
Rose – Artist NYC, sweetie
Rozsa – Gallerist LDN. Xo
Ryan S – Artist not sure where now.
Ryder – Used to date years ago. Sweet cat.


Sam – Artist NYC, booboo
Scott V – Former intern
Sonel – Books NYC
Sophie – Photography NYC.
Spencer – Artist LA


T berry – Poet/NYC
Talia – Artist NYC
Tao – Former roommate- writer
Ted – Not sure
Thomas – Not sure which one
Thomas D – Artist NYC
Thomas S – Friend from college
Tierney- Ex co-worker
Tim – Ex-co worker
Tom – Friend and gallery partner. Xo.
Tony – Friend. Ex-coworker
Travis – Philly kid
Travis F – Gallerist NYC

Vanessa – Friend, Ex-coworker. Xo
Vet – Cats


Wendy – Friend/ Ex –Boss. Xo
Whitney – Artist NYC
Will J – Friend/Gallerist LDN
Willow – Former friend.
Winston – Artist
Wojciech  - Polish homeboy. Xo


Zachary – Friend and Ex
Zachary D – Artist and Friend NYC