Monday, January 18, 2016

Things I Want

The last few months have been strange, full of transitions and big and small events occurring. I have been a bit of an anxious sad sack for a lot of it but I feel like things have turned a corner and I have a feeling that the coming months are going to be just about as fabulous as can be. Changes, good or bad, don’t come from sitting around and waiting, at least not for me, I’m a make things happen type of girl and now that I’m over my mellow dramatic hump I intend to make the most of this city. Below are things that I want in one-way or another. Hopefully I can manage to do at least some of them before my nihilistic existential doom settles back in. If anyone knows how to do any of these things, please send a message my way, we can arrange a trading of skills, albeit you might get the shorter end of that stick.

Ikebana – The meditative art of Japanese flower arranging is something I have wanted to do for years. There are a few courses in New York but they are way too expensive for me and my tight budget but soon, soon, I hope to learn it and be more zen in my ways.

Make a pie – I am not a confident baker and I see no need as I don’t indulge in sweets that much but I would love to learn how to make a good pie. Cherry, keylime and chocolate mousse.

How to Make More Money – At least enough so I can live more then basically and also pay off student loans.

See some mind crushing good art – Been in NYC for two months and have seen only a handful (probably less) good art things. So much art, so much mediocrity, waiting with baited breath for something to wow me.

Dance – Been making an effort to dance more in this city and want to do it even more. Where are the really good, sweaty dance parties?

Dinner Parties – To have and attend.

Exercise Regime – Getting squishy is not a good look. Can someone be my personal trainer? Feel like I do everything wrong when I exercise.

Learn about plants – It would be great to start gardening or something resembling that this summer. Feel like there is a secret to plants and the timing of them but also seems like basic magic. Water, light, then it grows.

Tarot card reading – I friend gave me a deck and I sort of know how to read them but want to really know how to read them. It’s always good to have a party trick.

French Braid – Never learned how too but feel would be good to have in my hair repertoire.

Cook Indian Food – Love it but never cooked it. Spice and vegetable magic.

Go on Dates – Sort of making going on dates a part time job. Will probably get fired from this job though.

Career Job – I want to be a grown up.

Sobriety – It’s amazing how much more one can do without a hangover. Like, amazing.

More Art – I have a new apartment with a lot of walls.

Better Chill at Home Clothes – Wearing baggy everything covered in cat hair is not a cute look.

Volunteer - Because the world sucks, why not make it a little less sucky.

Winter Hat – Winter is here ya’ll.