Monday, February 29, 2016

One Sentence Reviews

Still from Tangerine (2015)

I don’t want to blog today but I (self-inflicted) have to, so for today I will do one sentence reviews of things I liked and disliked in art, life, culture. Sorry, not sorry.

Tangerine (movie) – If you want your eyeballs, ears and a bit of your heart to thump then watch this surprisingly captivating movie.

Fischli and Weiss (Guggenheim) – Laugh out loud clay sculptures the rest is doomed in the Lloyd Wright conundrum that is the spiral ramps.

I Pledge Allegiance (On Steller Rays) – Faux grubby/sincere in a good way overall and Jason Benson is the literal light of the show.

John Oliver on Trump – One word: Drumpf.

Marcel Broodthaers (MoMA) – Sculptures wow – Overwrought Brussels humor meh.

Park McArthur’s Sort of Like a Hug (essay) – Understand why someone sent me this to read but feel I didn’t need/want to read it.

Damn Daniel (meme) – Reminds me of boys in high school that didn’t want to date me/ vice versa.

Future’s Purple Reign (song) – Catchy as heck and probably the best song to listen to while walking to/out of a subway.

Oscars – Doesn’t seem like something I have/will/ever care about.

Zika Virus – “We” only care about it because of the Olympics.

Talenti Gelato – Sort of winning it in the home gelato industry and their reusable containers are effective re-marketing lunch boxes.

Cy Twombly’s Death – The papers seemed very prepared for his obit which seems a bit #dark.

Spain (restaurant) – Obviously this place had health and safety issues but man, it’s Spain!

Slate (Magazine) – I’ve meet more people associated with Slate in the past two weeks then I have in my entire life aka suspect.

Armory Week – Eyes glaze over.

Candy Crush Jelly Ads – Makes me feel slightly nauseous and terrified.

Casper Bed Ads – Makes me realize everything is an inside job.

Syphilis Subway Ads – Makes me think of a flow chart showing the increase of STDs in relationship to dating apps.

Those Ads about meals (ingredients/recipe) getting shipped to you – Makes me imagine unhappy couples eating silently on ‘mid-century’ furniture.

Andrea Fraser (Whitney) – Thinking how I will eat rice and beans for a few days to offset the cost to see this.

Chris Kraus – Yup, still haven’t read anything by her even though I have her book right next to me.

Obama Interacting with Kids – Looking at these en masse online the other day actually made me a bit weepy.

Donald Trump – We get what we deserve.