Monday, March 7, 2016

That Time...

Some of these are true. Some of these are fictions.

That time I was talking about being a little black dress and I had blood all over me and didn’t know it.

That time we saw each other in the street after not seeing each other for six years.

That time we went to the Guggenheim and we fought outside and never spoke again.

That time we ate bagels and seltzer in bed and got seeds all over the sheets.

That time we did MDMA and I fell on a curb, on my face.

That time you asked me to come over to watch a movie but I didn’t understand the concept of ‘Netflix and chill.’

That time I wore your shirt that your dad gave you, which I still have but know I will never wear again.

That time you left for the airport and I cried because I could still smell you on my nightgown.

That time we went swimming in the basin and we looked like American Apparel models and tried to pretend that we could just be friends.

That time in the car when he threw up out the window and we all laughed because we knew he would be okay.

That time you bought me seat cushions for my birthday.

That time I pretended to be someone else to get into the opening preview.

That time we had sex in the hotel shower and then our eyes were burning and red afterwards.

That time you gave me a green plastic ring you bought for fifty cents.

That time you told me that you loved me.

That time you told me you didn’t want to do this anymore.

That time when it was Fourth of July and we watched the fireworks by the water but we both knew we should have been there with someone else.

That time we went to Bard and ate ice cream and someone said how cute we were as a couple even though we didn’t date.

That time we were dancing at the Christmas party and I said you didn’t like me to someone and they asked you in front me if you didn’t like me and you said nothing.

That time we went to the park and you ran through the field with a weed pattern dress and bright furry blue coat.

That time you cried watching Untamed Hearts.

That time we went to the Penguins game for your birthday.

That time I threw up three times at work from a hangover and everyone in the office knew.

That time we were dancing on the porch and you tried to kiss me in front of my boyfriend, and you were married.

That time you apologized for saying terrible things while drunk and then you slide over and we kissed.

That time we went to Action Park and I threw up from carsickness.

That time I smoked cigarettes out the window of my mother’s childhood bedroom.

That time we watched X-files and I snuck out to have sex on the lawn in the back of the house.

That time you peed in my shoes.

That time you met me in the park even though you were sick and we ate chips and drank cider and watched the sunset.

That time we went to the shop and bought five beers in all coins.

That time we had our Chakras read and I knew then that we would be friends.

That time we made out in the back of the cab after a MoMA opening and I wasn’t wearing underwear.

That time you made me cry on a bench at five am after your gig on Halloween.

That time we danced when no one else was dancing.

That time I cried when people sang love songs during karaoke and you hugged me tight.

That time I vomited in the street because you broke up with me.

That time my nose bled because you broke up with me.

That time we got kicked out of the club because we were wrestling on the floor.

That time I returned your necklace because I didn’t want to remember you.

That time we bought fancy chocolate and tried on lots of different makeup.

That time we sat under the Olafur Eliasson and held hands.

That time we walked around Paris and got a free boat ride.

That time we got dressed up to go out but came home early because all the parties sucked.

That time you told me you slept with someone else.

That time I told you I kissed someone else.

That time we made cookies in the blizzard without having any cookie trays.

That time we went to get our nails done for my birthday.

That time we went to the Met and held hands.

That time you said goodbye and I knew I would see you again but nothing would be the same.