Monday, April 18, 2016

This Past Week…(Dying)

Sometimes there are weeks when you think, ‘how in the hell did I get through it.’ This past week was one of those weeks. I feel like a layered cake that has been rolled into a pile of goo. I don’t know how people with actual lives like 40-hour jobs and kids do it. My little dilettante self is woozy with self-imposed novelty but yeah. I think this a symptom of NY though. Being here makes one think that one must do-do-do a ton or somehow it (whatever ‘it’ is supposed to be) will somehow slip away. Anyways, I’m going to do a short re-cap so that I can get this post over with and then I can sit in the sun and unwind a bit before the blur of this coming week commences.

Monday – Did laundry and cleaned apt then went to Co-op (Park Slope) to do shift and buy food. Lugged entirely too many groceries home then made roasted chicken and salad for gallery partner and chatted about stuff and drank wine and rice wine and passed out by midnight.

Tuesday – Worked and then went home and laid in bed for an hour and then my friend picked me up and we had Thai food in Woodside. It was good. Tried a thing called larb for the first time. Felt moments of sadness and almost cried while eating dinner cause I sometimes get that way with this friend. Friend drove me home and I passed out by midnight.

Wednesday – Went to work and then had meetings from 4- 8pm. Then got drinks with co-worker. Took train home and listened to my new favorite podcast, Myths and Legends, and then chatted with friends online and then passed out by midnight.

Thursday – Went to work and then went on a new friend date. Went to bank first and got quarters for laundry. Walked to Swiss Institute. Drank beer and talked to new friend and other friends. Drank more beer, smoked cigarette. Went to after party at some overpriced place. Bought drinks and drank too much. Talked to friends and then some other people I didn’t really want to talk to. Didn’t eat anything for dinner so very tipsy. Left bar and walked to subway. Hungry. Listened to music on train and walked home. Ate some leftover rice and kimchi and went to bed.

Friday – Ran around doing some form of chores, can’t remember, met up with artist at 5pm and then went to bar to meet another artist at 6pm. Had two drinks and a kale salad. Went to Lincoln Center to see Mahler’s 9th symphony. Late, almost don’t make it in. Go to American Medium for a b-day party. Drink more, talk to two not-right-in-the-head girls, think ‘at least I’m not that bad.’ Feel annoyed and talk to other people. Play/harass cats then take an uber home. Pass out time idk.

Saturday – Work and then go to gallery for b-day drinks. Feel hung over and stomach not balanced since haven’t eaten proper dinner in a few days. Go to Kimberly Klark opening. Buy beers. Very crowded so stay outside and drink. Go to Gottscheer to meet friends watching basketball. Drink beers. Eat potato pancakes and pretzel. Drink more beer. Go to after party at Paradise. Drink more beer. Feel woozy. Talk to people. Feel like I’m acting like a cartoon character. Talk and feel sleepy. Get a ride home and pass out, idk the time.

Sunday – Lay in bed for hours not wanting to move. Get up and wash sheets and make up bed for friend who is coming into town. Clean room. Go to meeting at gallery with an artist at 1pm. Finish meeting and bring back clothes in big bags. Get cat litter. Go to pharmacy. Take a shower. Lay in bed and listen to podcast for 2 hours. Go on a date at 9pm. Drink 2 drinks. See a bunny outside. Talk and semi-flirt. Walk to train and listen to podcast. Eat rice and kimchi at 1am and then pass out.