Monday, May 30, 2016

Posts I've Liked


Not even exaggerating: For the last two hours, every time I have sat down to do a post I look at the screen then say ‘fuck it’ in my head and go to my bed and try to take a nap. This has happened four times. I literally cannot even think right now. I’m in over-drive-action-mode meaning that if what I have to do is not a results oriented action, my brain automatically flat lines to conserve energy. Self-preservation is astounding. That being said I still have to pop one of these posts out because I obviously am a masochist.

My little ding of a solution came to me when I was distracting myself by looking at Instagram while pretending to nap in bed a few minuets ago. I like this social app more then most because I like pictures and it also lets me stay in touch with friends. Also, learning about people’s aesthetics, humor and narrative constructions is stimulating. It’s a bizarre voyeurism/attention seeking that can be very revealing or completely inane. I love that combo. Anyways. I’m going to describe the last 20 posts I’ve liked and why below. I know that this is a very stupid post but it’s this or me literally pretending to nap until it's dark out.

Description: He is getting his hair braided in Central Park
Why I liked it: Because he is really handsome, he looks serene and we just messaged a bit ago so he was on my mind. Plus he has really great hair.

Description: Red rose bush
Why I liked it: I like almost all flower pics because I really like flowers.

Description: Tan dog with pointy ears smiling
Why I liked it: Because it’s a tan dog with pointy ears smiling.

Description: Blurred, image of himself with little moustache
Why I liked it: Because he is one of the most fascinating looking people I have/will ever meet and the image is bizarre.

Description: She is wearing glasses, has braids and is sticking her tongue out
Why I liked it: Straight forward, good lighting, looks cute selfie.

Description: She is holding a stuffed frog with a bee tear by her face
Why I liked it: Because it looks sweet and pensive

Description: Ground with green grass and seeds that look like snow
Why I liked it: Because it reminds me of London parks at this time of year.

Description: Room with exposed concrete wall, a broom and a cat
Why I liked it: I like almost all pictures with cats and also the composition of image is nice.

Description: Pic with husband on honeymoon
Why I liked it: They are on their honeymoon!

Description: Guy in metro in Mex City with exposed arms/chest and noticeable bulge
Why I liked it: That bulge. Lolz.

Description: Headless girl wearing white and holding something silver
Why I liked it: Like white color and seems fashion arty.

Description: Stubby posts and dunes at Fort Tilden
Why I liked it: Because we went together and it was very foggy.

Description: Overhead crowd snap of DaddyCon
Why I liked it: Lots of bald heads and butts.

Description: Girl holding a baby
Why I liked it: Friends baby and I like babies.

Description: Swimsuit bottom rolled in a way that looks like a hula-hoop/net thingy
Why I liked it: Went to the beach that day and want to wear a bikini everyday as well.

Description: Video of a rap concert
Why I liked it: I like that song and wish I was there with her.

Description: Orange cat on a porch   
Why I liked it: It’s a cat.

Description: People wearing paper numbers on their heads with white string
Why I liked it: Seems confusing.

Description: Boys on the beach
Why I liked it: I like those boys and I too was on the beach that day.

Description: Selfie in white tee shirt
Why I liked it: Rarely posts pics of himself and I miss him because he is my friend.