Monday, June 27, 2016

Social Climbing: There is Always Room for One More

Literally just got back from NJ visiting the fam and realized it was Monday/Blog day while eating corn on the cob so yeah... just no time for the weary.

So the below is something that I wrote for something that got published somewhere in Europe (I think) but I'm bad at keeping track of these things so not sure... But anyways, I think it's decent enough to post here and it was only written a month or so ago so still maybe topical. There was a theme and I was asked to write on the this theme so ya... here's a little thing on "Social Climbing."

Till next week where I won't be plagiarizing myself.

Social Climbing: There is Always Room for One More

What is the point of social climbing? It is to become an object. What does that mean? That means that you have orientated yourself to an external perception, which is about exteriors. How is this achieved? It is achieved by determining the end point/goal and to take the steps/climb to get to this point.

The structure in which the steps occur is within a social structure. It is literally a structure. Imagine it as a physical thing. It is not a landscape with its ceaseless horizon but rather like a building. You are at this building, at the bottom, and you want to get to the top but there are various ways to do this. You can walk, you can take the elevator, or you can get hoisted up without entering.

Inside this building there are distractions in the form of rooms. The rooms can be people, events, and moments of luck or burdens. They can benefit or hinder depending on the pull and sway these rooms have on you. They can accelerate or desist your ascension but do not get too stuck in one room because that is not why you are here. You are here to climb. To get to the top. Remain focused and always remember why you are here.

What you are born into determines how arduous the climb will be and although you may think being hoisted up with only the winch of nepotistic birthright would be best, it is not because when this happens you miss all those rooms. The more rooms you enter the more the building becomes yours. You can re-enter those spaces and those inside will remember you. Sometimes you might meet someone in a room who can help you skip a few floors. Sometimes when you are almost to the top you forgot something or need something and then you remember your pal from 3B who can help. But remember, you are here for a reason. The top is what you seek.

Stair after stair, floor after floor, you are getting there. Sure you may have had to burn some bridges/lock some doors to get there but you are close, so very close. You are tired, your body and mind have been dedicated to this one thing and as you get closer to the top you feel lighter, happier, more complete. You get to the final door. Your heart is racing not from the excursion of the ascent but in anticipation of what is behind that final door.

You open it.

It is empty.

You are outside.

You look at your hands because you have to remind yourself that you are still in your own body. You look out and you see only the sky and that ceaseless horizon.

You sit down. You are at the top and you are weary.

You realize that you cannot leave. You cannot leave this building because it was all that you know.

You go back down.

You enter a room.

You get a key and you wait for someone to knock on the door.