Monday, July 18, 2016

Thoughts On Things And Other Stuff

Hello there. It’s Monday yet again and I am on a lunch break between lectures to teens and while I scarf down some pre-maid sushi and drink some kombucha I will write up a post because ya, it’s another Monday.

There is a whole lot going on in the world (obvi) and in personal life so I don’t even know where to begin but I will just spew a bit. I am sorry that these past few posts have been literally the stupidest things ever but I honestly don’t have enough hours in my day the past few weeks/months to even think cogent thoughts. So stop reading now if you really can’t endure the idiocy that has become the state of this blog…For those still with me here is a mélange of thoughts on various stuff.

New York – As I mentioned last week having visitors come to New York for the first time from another country is super cute. Their excitement about the clichés and the realities of this city make you realize how amazing and dense this place is. Last night we were talking about the idea of loneliness and what that means in this city. I was saying how New York is a great place for this state because even if you feel lonely or need to be alone you can be and that the city adjusts and supports this. It can also compound it but here you can be surrounded at all times and be as connected or as disconnected as you desire or need. I think that is a real gift and something that makes New York have its energy and variety.

To Cool For School – This is a silly phrase but it is something that I say a lot. I say it referring to a type of person or group of people that act like they are on some other cusp, above others, in the way that they create their coteries and social interactions. It is so stupid. It is like seeing vanity and insecurity all balled up and in performative display where the audience is just a feed back loop of narcissism. I see this all the time in the art world. It’s like some form of currency but ya, it’s all fake, made up and useless. Witnessing this used to make me really annoyed and at moments pissed off but now I just can’t help but grin and bare it because it is actually so fucking stupid and not even worth the effort of trying to pop bubbles.

Introvert/Extrovert – Ya ya people like to talk in terms of if one is an introvert or extrovert and what that means. Being an introvert is of the moment more desired as it seems to reflect some sensitivity and demure classiness but ya who cares about any of it. All I know is that I realize after being social 24/7 for days, weeks on end that it has made my outsides thin and all I want to do is turtle into a shell. Does that mean I’m an introvert? Whatever. All I know is that alone time is as essential as a good night’s sleep.

Teenagers – As mentioned I’m working with teenagers for a few weeks and it is my first time being around them in years and years. What I have discovered is that they are really sharp and smart and have a self awareness that seems confounding. Also, wow, they are really confident. I doubt I was ever that way but then I do have a strange memory of thinking I knew it all once upon a time while now I feel like I don’t know anything, but in a good way. These groups of kids aren’t Millennials, they don’t have a name for the generation that they are yet but wow, cycle of life and stuff like that. Keeps going going and it’s great to see that they are as complex as they are even with all this digital flattening.

Tinder – Someone take my phone and throw it into the East River. But ya, it’s funny but Tinder is a go to topic that I have been discussing with friends for a bit now. For those that have never used it, it is this curious novelty. Those that do it’s a shared, bleek, fml, gahhhh condolence and story sharing setting. It feels less embarrassing overall though which is a bit of a relief but ya… Literally went of a Tinder date last week that lasted a mere 15 mins before I made my exit. Harsh, yes, but hey just because it’s the new normal doesn’t mean it has to be nice.

Netflix – Someone take my computer and throw it in the East River. I have been escaping reality by watching a series on Netflix called Grand Hotel. It’s a drama period set in Spain in the early 1900s. There are like 40+ episodes and they are each an hour long. I’m on episode ~32. Yes that’s 32 hours of soap opera like drama. In subtitles. Have I lost my mind? Yes. I have a tendency to do this, to rabbit hole in some sort of mindless vat of escapism. I also read fantasy so yeah, it’s a deeply rooted behavior. While I am spiraling down I feel a blank stimulation but it also makes me feel dumb, dumb, dumb. I promise myself I will stop and to read a theory book or something but then I’m like, wow, will to live = zero so yeah back to finding out about the devious deceptions of the Alarcon’s. Maybe in the future there will be a drug that will make this drive less but until then I will subterfuge my own intellect with insipid dramas.

Killing Cops – This insane reality is the reality we have created.