Monday, August 8, 2016

Note To Self

Just yelled out loud, “Oh Shit I have to bloggggg!” Yup, yet again I’ve been too busy to realize what day of the week it was. Fuuudddgeee. So with that in mind I will make a list of things that I should remember so that I can maybe be better at living life.

Deposit Checks – Why am I acting like I don’t need those checks in my bank account?

Eat the tomatoes – They won’t eat themselves.

Save Palm – It has this white fungus all over it and I tried apple cider vinegar but that just made it worse.

Cat Litter – Poop city.

Wash Hair – Yes that is the state of my life rn.

Deal with clothes – Just brought home bags and bags of clothes from LDN and NJ, I have entirely too many clothes.

Read books – Bought 3 books in the last week. Haven’t even opened one of them yet. #fail.

Text People Back – Ugggg.

Stop texting people – I just want to find love is that too much to ask??? (stab self in eye).

Re-Upholster Couch – Bought a new couch on craigslist for $35. Yup thirty five bucks.

Get better mirror – I have to squat to look at my outfits. #sad

Wear sunscreen – My face will melt off soon.

Email People – But it’s August yo.

Look into 401k – Yup, I’m gunna die.

Touch base with friends – Sorry I’ve been sucking at being a pal pals.

Buy blender/food processor – I wanna make pesto. Can’t make pesto.

Eat more fruit – I know its good for you but I’m actually not that into eating fruit.

Gain muscle mass – Skinny Asians told me I was too skinny. Jesus.

Find a Lover – Who I can literally just have sex with.

Stop seeing you know who – Because it will never work out.

Buy extra sheets – How do I get by in this world?!

Do studio visits – There must be good NYC artists that aren’t already showing at (names of 3 places in LES) right?

Buy gold ring – Imma treat my damn self.

Learn French – Because PhD maybe?

Enroll in Ikebana Classes – Actually going to do it.

Try Archery – Because it seems cool to do things by yourself.

Buy Fall Perfume – Chakra realignment.

Buy Hats – Want to be an asshole that wears hats.

Dress Better – Be the 80 year old I know is inside me.

Have a Baby – Yes, that’s all I actually want to do.

Cook More – Need to up my repertoire.

Go to Doctor – Blood tests and freezing eggs.

Meet New People – Circles getting thin.

Buy Rug – Because I love having more cat hair all over the place.

Get Better Curtains – Because the sun is literally trying to blind me while I sleep.

Get Speakers – My iphone is tinny as hell.

Remember what day of the week it is – So I don’t have to do stupid posts like this anymore.