Monday, August 29, 2016

Time to Chill Out

I really, really, really don’t feel like blogging today. I actually don’t feel like doing anything today. What I want to be doing is lying down on something soft and falling in and out of sleep. Instead I am at work, which is new, so exciting, but alas it’s definitely not the place for lying down and napping. This general mode of just wanting to chill is something that I think a lot of people are still holding onto. The summer days are dwindling, even if it’s scorching hot still, but there is a sense that madness is around the corner and we accept this but also want to ignore it.

So, yes, here comes another mindless list since I really can’t be bothered with this today. They are suggestions on how to chill out which will hopefully make you/me/all of us able to deal with life.

Feng Shui – Feng Shui-ing your surroundings is the best boost for chills because you literally are creating an environmental zone in which to optimally chill. I know there are rules and such for actual feng shui but what I’m talking about is the spirit of it. Totally low budget, totally instinctual to yourself. For me that’s plants, personal tchotchkes, rocks, more plants, and good lighting.

Origami – I’m being Asian as heck at the moment and I don’t care. Taking time-outs to learn and then make origami animals, plants, whatever is super cute, colorful and relaxing.

Netflix binge – As I’ve said before I love binge watching shows. The last one I watched was Stranger Things. I watched all eight episodes in one siting. Mental but worth it. I recommend this show if you have eight hours to while away.

Beach – I’m a bit crisped and beached out from going to the beach so much this summer but I know winter is coming, doom doom doom, so I have to take in all the vitamin D I can while I can. It’s annoying to have to go to the beach on weekends now cause all those people, but meh, there’s only a few weeks left.

Not making small talk – Sometimes you just don’t want to talk to people even if you sorta should. I used to be all, “Hi!” to everyone that I thought I had to talk to in order to get it out of the way but now I’m like, ‘maybe they won’t come up to me,’ and most of the time that works and I can avoid having to talk to people that I don’t want to talk to. But then when/if they do you have to just get through it and that’s okay because at least it decreases the percentages a bit.

Showering – Sometimes I’m a dirty hippy and I don’t shower that much. I don’t have body odor so I’m lucky cause I can be on the sly dirty hippie but then I get into a shower and I’m like holy shit! This feels amazing! Gotta be less of a dirty hippy.

Reading Actual Books – So much better for the eyes and brain then a screen.

Snuggling/Making Out – It’s nice to have a body pressed up against your body especially if it’s just lying about. It’s intimacy without all the exertion. Plus you can make them get you glasses of water and snacks all the time.

Pseudo Meditation – I’m not good at meditating but I try to do it sometimes. Like in a subway or at my desk. Imagine flowers or a flame, or water or something like that. Wish I was better at it but I’m INSANE so yeah, silence = eeek.

Eating Take Out – When you don’t have a partner who can magically put food in front of you, you can call your other boyfriend, aka take out delivery person with that motorized bike.

Napping – Because it’s napping aka the best thing ever.

Turning Phone Off – I don’t ever do this but I should. Someone make me do this. I’ll pay you.

Walking around aimlessly – Contemplation needs to be at the pace of footsteps.

Wearing only one article of clothing – It feels really good. Try it.