Monday, January 30, 2017

Fuck Trump

Some people think that using curse words reflects an inferior mental capacity and grace. In some ways I agree with this but in the last few days, weeks, since Trump has become president I can’t help but think, say aloud and feel one phrase, ‘Fuck Trump,’ over and over again when I think about him and all the insane, actually insane, things that he is implementing.

Yes, now is the time for action, for doing things, for protests and being heard in whatever way and platforms that you can but it is also the time to be really mad. I am going to accept that I am mad and perhaps petty but I need to be in order to get out this rage, frustration and deep sadness in order to consolidate and prepare myself for the long fight ahead.

Dear Donald J. Trump:

Fuck you and your Stepford, robot family for being vaguely normalizing shields to you.

Fuck Steve Bannon who is the creepiest, ickiest human flesh sack that is the President-Whisper-In-Chief.

Fuck your basically all white male cabinet picks. Great job assholes.

Fuck your hair. Your under eye makeup. Your dime store self tanner and that god damn reptilian smirk.

Fuck you for talking about African American carnage and saying, “The blacks love me.” They don’t.

Fuck you for being a misogynist pig. (Sorry pigs I know you have a really high IQ but you know what I mean.)


Fuck you and your stupid hotels. They are tacky and filled with tacky people.

Fuck you for Atlantic City. Yeah, I’m from Jersey and we know that this town is a wasteland.

Fuck your twitter account. Please shut the fuck up.

Fuck your media war. You are a liar, liar pants on fire.

Fuck you and your KKK, alt right, Neo Nazi riff-raff. I wish I could punch you all in the face.

Fuck your Muslim ban. I hope that this will be the start of your impeachment.

Fuck your rhetoric. Every New Yorker doesn’t buy it and knows you are just full of shit.

Fuck Betty Devos – Idiot, Ben Carson – Tool, Reince Priebus – Ass Hat, Sean Spicer – Lap Dog, Steve Bannon (again) – Jabba da Hut, Paul Ryan – Follower, Mike Pence – Self Hating Gay, Rudy Guiliani – Bully, Newt Gingrich – Actual Grinch who never grew a heart.

Fuck you and the border wall. Are you that insane?!

Fuck your supporters – There are more of us then you and you know it. #whereareyounow?

Fuck your money – You are a loser in business and you will always be cheesy and on team D.

Fuck your ego – I will enjoy seeing a narcissist self immolate.

Fuck your brain – Of course you are tearing down the Constitution because I bet you have NEVER even read it. (You ass hat)

Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!

I don’t want you to die or get hurt or anything like that. I’m not that sort of person but I want you to fail. Fail so hard and so fast because you are the bottom of humanity. You only think about yourself, even your family is a tool to you. You are a coward. You are mean. You are un-American and you will never, ever be my President.