Monday, April 17, 2017

Million Miles an Hour Thoughts

Violet Chachki and Pearl

I have been sooo busy today and it’s one of those days where I have to focus on a lot of different things and segment them so that they don’t bleed into each other and because of that I am super-duper hyped up. Also, I had some green tea today and I’m allergic to caffeine/trying to see if that’s still the case and I’m luckily not having a bad reaction but wow, caffeine, it is pretty freaking amazing.

Anyways I’m a bit spazzy, {can you tell?} and because of this I’m going to just type away in pretty incoherent ways so that I can check this stupid thing off of my list of things I have to do so I can continue to do all the others things.

RuPaul’s Drag Race – I was really sad this weekend so in between crying and thinking how did my life get to this point I watched RuPaul’s Drag Race (every problem has a solution). I watched Season 7 because that’s the last season I have free access to and I was highly hooked. I know I am sooo behind the times but watching this show makes you want to be fabulous and to appreciate the effort of being different, unique, and to creatively/ fully express and accept oneself. Yes, this show has its structural problems and is it just me or is RuPaul actually quite dull? But anyways, loved it and who knew that all these months when I have been saying “Hiiiiiiiii” and “Byeeeeeee” it just my absorption of this show’s wonderful lexicon. I also want to step up my dress game! If I can be even a speck as fabulous as these amazing drag queens, who knows what one may accomplish.

Morgan Library – Went there to see a lil show on Emily Dickenson. It was pretty yawn to be honest but regardless it’s nice to pop into this place to see the permanent collection. This time around I really loved seeing the musical compositions of famous folks like Mozart and Chopin. Seeing those pages was like drinking a tall glass of cold water on a hot day. They are beautiful and reveal so much character as well as give a preview of the essentiality of the music to be played. It reminded me of those poems that conceptualists etc. do with word and letters that build up to forms (think Carl (I killed Ana) Andre). I always disliked those types of works. Too cleaver. Too casual. But these compositions did what I think those conceptualists were trying so hard to get at. Rhythm, space, time.

Fabulous Weather – Anyone who was in the city on Sunday experienced a bit of heaven. It was 80+ degrees and it was so wonderful and warm. I went to the beach to visit a friend and it was fantastic to see all the people coming out to enjoy this bizarrely warm day in April. This last week or so has been very nice indeed and going to parks and wherever else people are supine-ing and peeling off layers of their clothes is just about my favorite thing to do. New York is known for all its gorgeous people but when the first days of warm spring like and summer like weather appears this city gets down right triple X sexy. I’ll go into a full NYC summer sexy time post another day but wow, from what I have seen so far, this year is going to be fire.

Poison Ivy – I’ve never had a rash in my life, like seriously. And the past 2 weeks I have had poison ivy all – I mean all- over my body. It’s like little patches of annoying hell on your flesh that makes you feel like a leper both physically and socially. It has only JUST stopped burning and I am JUST starting to feel like maybe I won’t look like some deep fryer burn victim forever, but wow has this taught me lesson, nay perspective. For those that have chronic rashes or get allergies of the skin I feel really, really bad for you and I don't know how you do it. You must be angels of patience and acceptance. I hope everyone feels better in flesh and mind and whatever you do, don’t gallivant near wild brush and plant life. Ever.