Monday, September 11, 2017

Weird Jet Lag Thoughts While Sleep Deprived – London Edition

I am supposed to be in Berlin (well outside of Berlin in the countryside) today thru Wednesday but instead I just woke up from a nap and am sitting in a fluffy pink robe in my friend’s lovely kitchen in Dalston London. I tried to catch that 6:30am plane but instead I was wide awake, covered in a sheen of anxiety and slight sickness sweat at 3:00am UK time and thinking, ‘I’m fucked.’ I bailed on the trip and have sort of bailed on the idea of sleeping for more then 2-3 hours at a clip since arriving.

Jet Lag, it’s a funny thing. It’s like being on drugs/coming down from drugs but without the fun parts and instead it is time messing up your body/mindscape. It’s only five hour difference from LDN to NYC time (LDN five hours later) and I have traveled a lot and have had much worse time differences but for some reason, on this trip, I am unable to adjust. Maybe it’s my subconscious being like, ‘this is not home,’ or maybe it’s the fact that I am wanting and having to communicate with people in NYC more often than usual so my brain is always thinking in relationship time back there. Not sure why, but I give up and will just be in this weirdo time land until I return later this week.

With the total lack of proper sleep I have been having some weird thoughts and reflections while I’ve been visiting London. (Yes, even weirder than usual...) and I will share some of these with you because god only knows when my brain/body/time frame will ever be right again (was it ever?...) Till then, I hope you are all sleeping a glorious, undisturbed 7-8 hours a night.

Weird Jet Lag Thoughts While Sleep Deprived – London Edition

I wish I had a UK oven, I don’t know Celsius but who cares! I have google and their ovens have this option with a fan so you can roast things easily and better and making roasts is like a thing here (but why?!!) and it comes out so much better even though when you open the door it blasts you in the face with hot air, it’s totally worth it because you could roast like 3 chickens without having to let them air out for hours and they would be perfect.

I want one of those Henry vacuums with the lil cute face on it. Do they sell them on Amazon?

Why do they say whilst? WHY? It’s annoying as fuck but meh…

Artists in Europe are wayyy spoiled. They are always complaining about not getting artist fees to participate in shows. I mean like small group shows, in like nowhere places! It’s nuts! Can you imagine if artists in NYC all were bitching about getting/not getting artists fees to be in some LES/Chinatown/BK group show?! Ha! I mean I guess in the big anti-capitalist scheme of things this DOES have merit but I can’t help but think that in some way it still shows that Capitalism makes everyone their bitch. Am I right? Or am I off totally? (EU artists don’t dare come at me with your PC privileged responses btw).

Museums are free in London BUT what they don’t like to brag about is that to see the featured shows (the main reason why you want to go in the first place) they totally charge, ALOT! Like 17-20 GBP aka like 20-25 bucks so it’s just as shit as it is in the states. You can’t have your ‘for the people’free entry but also have it be elitist! Tsk tsk.

It’s shit that the further you live from the center of London (aka rich town) the more you have to pay for the trains. It is done by zones so if you live in like Zone 5 and you work in Zone 1 you get charged wayyy more then if you live/work in Zone 1. It’s shit and not cool London. The poorer/further you have to travel the cheaper transit should be.

What the heck is up with ‘private clubs’ in London? I went to one very drunk the other night and I get it, it’s posh and makes one feel like they are very ‘VIP’ or something but really it’s so silly. It’s like being on a set for some weird iTV show. I know many people who are members of Shoreditch House and even have a friend who works for them and they told me they are opening a new location in Brooklyn. Ha! I mean people will join but it just really won’t work in NYC. The only members of that location would be like the worst of the art world’s worst. Sigh… Class is so peculiar a fixation.

Not sure if it’s me or just my total lack of reality aka, no sleep, but these British boys are looking damn fine on these streets this trip. Well hello there.

I’ve met and am revisiting the loveliest ladies in London this trip and they are all very pretty and they all have great jobs and these amazing accents and hair and they are all super single. I guess it’s the curse of every city. So many wonderful babes and so few males to date, travesty.

London. Your thrift stores are shit.

People (still) rarely ask you ‘what do you do’ in London and it’s amazing and humane. NYC, stop being a lil thirsty bitch about that!

Biscuits! Biscuits! Biscuits! I love you!

So the weather is crap most of the time but because of all the daily rain spritzes the flowers/foliage in this city is amazing. Like roses shooting up from nowhere and ivy and flowered walls just covering this and that. It’s so lovely it’s cliché.

Eggs on the counter at room temperature still freaks me out a bit but they are way more amazing then the yellow ovary puddles we have in the states.

It’s weird trying to ‘be on vacation’ when you actually ‘work all the time.’ People are like, ‘take a break! Don’t work!’ blah blah, but you can’t, so you keep working and you think, ‘what is this life I lead,’ but you secretly can’t help it so just stop complaining about it.

It’s weird when you are not ‘with’ someone but you are not ‘not’ with someone so when you are away you are all like, I’m single! But you text like soo much it’s silly and you obviously are not taking the, 'let’s use this time to think things over,' in the way you planned and that’s okay but whatever… who cares.

People with babies in Europe are lucky as fuck and they know it and g-damn it USA, get your maternity shit together (plus all the other bullshit you keep messing up).

Everyone everywhere is cool as shit, it’s amazing how small/big the world is. I’m like high on life aka demented from not sleeping but really, going to other places and seeing old friends, making new ones and all that jazz is like pretty freaking amazing. Everyone travel as much they can and as far as they can. And if you can’t that’s cool, the people right next to you are super amazing too.