Monday, October 2, 2017

The World Is Falling Apart

Every morning when I wake up I reach over and check my phone to make sure the world hasn't ended/we not at war (a new one), that there isn't another massive devastation natural or otherwise. I know that basically everyone does the very same thing each morning. The time that we are living in feels overridden with calamities and like everyone else I’m exhausted.

This is not about how one feels nor the endurance towards events and its affects on personal scales. That would be entirely too self absorbed, but let’s all sit back and take a second to feel this overwhelming exhaustion for a few minutes.

Living in the US and having Trump in power is like a never ending shouting match where you are talking to the most irrational and illogical person who thrives off audience attention. Most of the time it becomes a form of white noise, you think you have buffeted it out of your psyche but it’s like some high pitched noise that gives you migraines and sporadic nose bleeds.

Then there is all this earth Armageddon. Earthquakes, hurricanes, more hurricanes, more hurricanes. The unrelentingness of it is heartbreaking and the mediation of it repulsing in the story line arc of who gets attention. Easy hint everyone, if it effects people of color then it doesn’t matter and it’s God’s will. If it effects people who are white, than it is tragedy that was never deserved.

Then there is politics around the globe. Catalonia, oh my goodness. Spain what the hell are you doing?! Venezuela, Turkey, all the atrocities in Africa we like to ignore. Remember Syria? How about Myanmar? A Nobel Prize winner ignoring ethnic cleansing, what a plot twist. And North Korea. Sure that bat-shit insane leader had a few good zingers towards Trump but he is literally starving his country. Where did I miss? Oh yeah, just about everywhere around the world is having some form of reckoning/despair.

Where is the leadership? Where are the god damn adults in the room that are facing, recognizing, helping and changing these things? The UN? Sure I think they should exist but they are so self obsessed with proving relevancy that it’s a bit of a lark.

This world is small. We think because of the internet and globalization that it has somehow gotten smaller but it has always been this small and it is inhabited by this species call homo sapiens and we are and have always been linked. Are we a species that wants to self annihilate ourselves and the environment we live in or do we have the capacity to make it so that it can thrive?

We are doing a pretty good job at the self-annihilation or the past forever but it doesn’t feel right does it? It feels terrible to me and I’m sure for most of you it feels the same way. I’m a certified expert on being a homo sapien all my life and so are you and if I hate what’s happening so much, as you probably do, why does it keep going down this path?

It’s all so much these days. Sometimes when I wake up I think, ‘Oh good, the end of times is here, great, finally’ but I don’t want that to happen. But I am exhausted. I’m tired of all this terror and terribleness. It becomes gnawing, relentless and it’s no wonder we are all catatonic and dazed.

Enough of the boo-hooing though. There is work to be done. Many of us are just observers to the traumas to the world and even though we too feel those affects, even in this position, we have an obligation to help those that are actually within in.

Even if you feel tapped out of empathy or caring, still care. Still try and do what you can.