Monday, January 8, 2018

Guest Conversation with Anonymous Guy

Lying on my bed, recovering from my lifestyle. Going to give you a random splay of thoughts, questions and possible conversations with an almost stranger that happens to be sharing the same space and time with me today.

You are very excited about art. Maybe. My favorite thing you said today was that people need to put time in with art, that it is easy. I think of art is hard…but maybe it is brain damage.

Earlier today I asked someone to ask me a question because I felt like they didn’t ask me enough. They asked me how many dates I had been on in 2018. I had to think about it because I have been ut almost everyday in 2018. It is 2.5 dates.

But really, what had been happening is you had been talking about yourself all morning and forgot that this person had been asking you questions for the past 12 hours. He had a pretty good idea of what all your answers might be at that point.

But really how do you feel about Roberta’s [BUSHWICK]?

Do people enjoy going to art openings or is it some form of social enterprise? I went to an opening last night and I will be honest. I barely saw any of the work there and nor did I even care to. It feels bad to admit that but I think that’s true for nearly everyone there. I liked my friend’s piece but feel bad I had so little curiosity about anything else there.

It’s sort of like sex and music. The music doesn’t really matter unless it is really bad or really good. Otherwise, it is only there for the people that are feeling slightly bored or awkward. In those moments, it’s a great chance to check out and pay attention to something else. Also, if you show up at 8pm to an opening that was from 6-8pm, it’s unlikely that you will look at the art…or get any beer.


I wonder what it’s like. I know what it is like to have the zit—the embarrassment of having a busted face, the pain cuz it hurts…it is huge and won’t go away. But, what’s it like to be the zit? Is it happy taking up all this space? Or is it uncomfortable, just waiting to explode?

Sometimes it feels good to be irresponsible. Most of the time I live my life responsibly. But then there are days/weeks/sometimes months where I just unhinge myself and make what seems like ‘bad’ choices. I think that is something everyone should allow themselves to do, once in a while.

Is every other day once and a while though? I wonder…
I don’t like the feeling of being hung over—not the headache or the nausea, but the airy anxiety that leaves you feeling that you don’t exist…or, that if you do, it doesn’t matter. It’s kind of nice to have someone’s weight on you in that moment to remind you that that anxiety isn’t real.

People have been talking a lot about the weather. The coldness. It’s cold. I think that’s good though. I like how it makes people act different, eat different, dress different, spend time in different ways. It’s sad to be alone when it’s really cold outside.


I’ve never used handcuffs in bed. I have used ropes. I guess that’s something people do sometimes. I wish I could sleep for a whole week straight. I think in the future they will make a drug where you can sleep for a whole week straight and it be okay. I think rich people would really like to brag about how they can sleep all the time. I learned this week that people get upset when you call them ‘rich’ that’s stupid.

I take it as a compliment.