Monday, January 29, 2018

My Life is Falling Apart but I Still Saw A lot of Art

CPLY at Karma

The title of this post is the truth, so I’m not going to go into that drama bag any deeper but yeah, here’s some stuff I saw that was arty or art related in some way this past week.

Koenig & Clinton Moved to Bushwick

Anyone who knows me knows I am a big Bushwick hater. Whatever. I have to get over it because duh I live there and duh, I’m probably stuck there forever because that’s just that but ya… I was surprised to see this gallery there now. It looks good, propoured floors and floating walls vibe. They had Roman Signer in the back. That was nice to see. He’s like a good-natured prankster that feels dated but calming and someone you are always happy to see, like an uncle or your grandma’s new BF.

Shows at Clearing

Still in Bushwick, yup, one of those days. I’m partial to shows that friends are in and so I can’t be too fair-minded re: shows with friends. So yup, LOVE Hannah Levy’s show at Clearing, duh. She is the real deal and she is going to be so art famous and taken vvvv seriously so ya, go see it so you can know in advance what’s going to be around for a while. It’s nice to see people working with materials again, metals, stone, and all that jazz. The other show is Rosa Aurora Rosa which is the an exhibition by Daniel Dewar & Grégory Gicquel. Very big slabs of Portuguese marble carved out with peek-a-boo shower scenes. I thought they were made by a woman. They aren’t and that changes things. Regardless, I thought a bit bulky but they are definitely impressive so there’s that. Millennial Pink and it’s sinister twins are everywhere in this space.

Richard Maxwell, Paradiso at Greene Naftali

Usually not my bagavant garde plays in ultra hip Chelsea galleries, but glad I went. Seemed like it could have been a pretensions disaster but it wasn’t. Also, a friend was involved so as soon as they came out all my cynicism melted away and was replaced by sheer pride and warmth. I’m such a sucker sometimes. The thing that saved the whole thing was that it was concise. It was only about an hour and it was paced and structures well so that it moved along even if sparse in every which way.

Hayley Silverman at Bodega

Again heart-you vibes but even with that tipped scale, this was a really nice show. Soft. Subtle, very relaxing but also a bit spooky. Use of glasswork was really nice to see. Also the lights. Nice to see lights used as an emotional synergetic material. Bodega is a tight space and this show really works with these restraints. Art that works in harmony with the architecture always feels fresh.

Karma – Group Show

Karma is the new ‘it’ ‘cool’ space. It’s good. It’s smart. This is a mix-max bag of paintings and sculptures from multi-tiers of generations and exposures hot, forgotten, or in between. There is a book history here and the idea of archive as art and art as archive is fully embraced. People want this; love it right now because there has been such a lack of content and context for a while. It’s cool; hopefully it doesn’t get the humor sucked out of it like so many other heady art things.

Women’s History Museum at Gavin Brown Enterprises

It was really not very good at all. The forcefulness of subversion in fashion/art/body politics contexts is so rarely done well but somehow seems to be the default. I also didn’t like the cutsie/deconstructed Marie Antoinette vibe that glittered throughout. Ugg, I just can’t. Sorry.

Jean-Luc Goddard at Miguel Abreu

This gallery is batting conceptual homes runs and man they love architecture. I’m usually not the hugest architecture/art fan girl but they have their nose on something here and this show is another case study for this. Basically Goddard wanted to make a museum. It fell through, here are maquettes of them. I’m into these maquettes because I like miniature things and because they make me feel like I am looking into a brain and reading a book all at the same time. It’s a little vague/flat in a way but I liked it even though it doesn’t change much of anything.